Here’s How to Tell if a Democrat is Actually a Communist

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It is a real possibility that we could at some point in the very near future be bordering on a communist nation if the liberals and Democrats have their way. In this case you have to look no further than the 10 planks of Communism so eloquently explained by the man many leftists hold so dear – Karl Marx.

Rather than cut to the chase and delve right in to the meat and potatoes of communism and how we are headed down the path to a communist dictatorship, I feel it is imperative to understand just how we got here…

The birth of the socialist movement

Socialism is the “new norm,” at least within the liberal movement, and many in the Democrat Party are buying into this sentiment as well. While some may think this is something new, the progressives within the Democrat Party have been working towards this end for more than 100 years.

The progressive movement began around 1890 and was designed to combat what many felt were social ills that plagued society following the industrial revolution – the only problem was that this movement was designed to give government at the highest levels the power to address these perceived ills rather than let the people find a means to come together to find a solution.

While many believe the progressive movement died around the time of WWI, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as the mindset the progressives of the early 1900’s still lives on to this day. 

Progressivism as a whole is the idea that government should control industry, manage labor unions, oversee farming, etc. According to the progressives of the time, government should control business and dictate to the citizenry how they are supposed to live – which is exactly how the Democrats and most liberals feel today.

After all how would we live without the government handling our health care, providing us transportation, educating our children, taxing “the rich” to “give to the poor,” – without government we would surely die!

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Socialism is the new progressivism

It’s easy to see how the progressive mindset could give way to socialism, and that is where we stand today. Democrats have shed their cloak of anonymity, openly supporting socialist principles such as government-run health care, free college, and even a universal basic income.

It used to be that Democrats of yesteryear would shy away from any talk of openly supporting socialism. Nonetheless, the modern day Democrats are finally beginning to embrace their newfound identity as they coalesce around individuals like freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and veteran socialists like Bernie Sanders.

These two embody what it means to be a socialist with their never ending rhetoric designed to drive a wedge between the perceived rich and the poor. As a result it becomes government’s responsibility to ensure the “rich” pay their “fair share” all the while the connected class and the elites live the life of luxury far detached from the ills plaguing the society they have ruined.

Onward to communism

Rather than go through each of the 10 planks of communism, I will explain a few of the most prevalent ones and how they relate to the way in which our federal government operates today…

  • Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes
    • The government has been gobbling up land throughout the country for decades. Whether it be for national parks or through the use of eminent domain, the federal government has been usurping land from the citizenry in chunks and many do not even realize it. To put it in perspective, the federal government owns roughly 640 million acres of land throughout this great nation of ours.
    • Perhaps more telling, people have to pay “property taxes” to the government, for land they supposedly own, to fund public purposes.
  • A heavy progressive or graduated income tax
    • Now this one is easy! Socialists have been right out in the open about this one for a long time now. Every time they claim that the rich don’t pay their fair share this is what they are referring to – the need for a heavier and more burdensome income tax.
  • Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State
    • This is yet another aspect of the 10 planks of communism that has been out in the open for quite some time now. The socialist wants you and me – the peons – to be forever reliant on big government, and what better way to rely on them than to make government-run transportation the only means to get from point A to point B? The socialist hates that you and I have the ability to move about whenever we want, they believe that we should only be allowed to move about when they say and go where they think we should go.
  • Free education for all children in public schools.
    • This is actually the final plank in the 10 planks of communism, and what better way to sum up what communism is than the control over the educational system, and that is exactly what we are seeing take place in this country today. Since the inception of the federal educational system in October of 1979 under President Jimmy Carter we have seen a continued decline in the quality of the education our children are receiving.  Subsequent government led initiatives such as No Child Left Behind and Common Core have been utter disasters leaving our children helpless subjects of their federal government.

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One thing is abundantly clear, they want power and they will do whatever it takes to get that power. There are sinister forces at work here, and those in power see you and me as just nameless faces who are nothing more than subjects of their government.

The overlords in government know what’s best for us and they intend to ensure we follow along with their plan that has already been outlined for them by their idol Karl Marx.

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