AOC Shamed For Joe Biden-Style Whispering Video Promoting Socialism: ‘Let Me Tell You A Secret’

AOC Whispers Joe Biden-Style About By Capitalism On Instagram: ‘Let Me Tell You A Secret’

Last week, Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whispered “a secret” to her social media followers telling them that “most people don’t really know what capitalism is.”

The socialist Congresswoman from New York wanted to “educate” her followers as to what capitalism and socialism really are.

Unfortunately for her, lots of people had fun adding their own thoughts on her video on Twitter and other social media.

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Whispering AOC: ‘Most people don’t really know what capitalism is.’

“Let me tell you a secret,” Ocasio-Cortez whispered to her Instagram followers. “Most people don’t really know what capitalism is.”

She added, “Most people don’t even know what socialism is. But most people are not capitalists, because they don’t have capitalist money. They’re not billionaires.”

The self-described socialist then told viewers that discussing policy should matter more than labels.

“The label doesn’t matter as much as talking about policies,” Ocasio-Cortez whisper. “That’s easier to understand.”

She then proceeded with policy specifics, saying, “Do you think people should die because they can’t afford insulin? Do you think that fossil fuel CEOs should decide whether the planet gets set on fire?”

“Me neither,” AOC added.

Apparently this is her idea of “talking about policies.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s whispering video appeared to be part of Q&A session on her Instagram story. She was apparently asked by a follower, as could be seen in text above her head, “How do you respond when people accuse you of being a ‘socialist’?”

AOC’s whispering is reminiscent of President Joe Biden, who has had a habit of doing the same thing.

In January, Biden answered a reporter’s question about school closings by whispering.

Biden was whispering answers to reporters in June 2021 as well, which many rightly found bizarre.

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Biden And AOC Mocked For Their Whispering

Sen. Josh Hawley’s Press Secretary Abigail Marone tweeted at the time, “The Biden lean in and long whisper into the mic was very very bizarre.”

Conservative activist Brigitte Gabriel added, “Creepy Joe is really creepy.” 

There was no shortage of conservatives mocking AOC either.

Not The Bee, a partner of the satire-site Babylon Bee, absolutely blistered AOC in the way only they can:

Conservative commentator Tim Pool tweeted, “AOC should have googled the definition of capitalist before making this video but i hope the ASMR channel works for her.”

Author Gad Saad implied that with people like Ocasio-Cortez in charge, the U.S. was doomed.

“One of the most powerful women,” Saad remarked of the video on Twitter.

“Good luck USA. You had a good run,” he finished, bidding adieu to America.

AOC’s word salad received a strong endorsement from the real-life Socialist Party of Great Britain, perhaps unsurprisingly:

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