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Stephen Janiszak

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Communism is coming It is a real possibility that we could at some point in the very near future be bordering on a communist nation if the liberals and Democrats […]

government shutdown

The government is shutdown… and we’re still alive! In case you’re one of the millions of Americans who didn’t even realize the government was shut down, guess what? The government […]

border wall

The government has been shut down for more than three weeks now and the reason for the shut down is nothing more than the fact that Democrats refuse to secure […]

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Christmas time is here, which is supposed to be a time of happiness and cheer. Instead, the liberal minions are doing their best to make it a time […]

border wall

Power to the People! BUILD THE WALL! These chants rang out throughout Trump’s time on the campaign trail as the American people demanded a candidate who was willing to secure […]

government shut down

Trump puts up his dukes Finally! Finally we have a Republican President who is willing to fight back against the swamp. Willing to fight back against the big government, open […]

french riots america

Yes It Can Happen Here! What is taking place throughout France as the “yellow vest” mafia pillages cities – burning cars, vandalizing buildings, and just causing pure chaos – could […]


“Breaking News! Trump Tear Gases Women and Children at the Southern Border!” While that couldn’t possibly be further from the truth, it was basically the emotional headline that nearly every […]

donald trump fascist

Speak to any self-proclaimed intellectual, uber-elite leftist and they will tell you that President Trump is a fascist. You’ve got to give it to them, these liberals have a way […]

second civil war

Is it only a matter of time before (more) shots are fired in anger – the shots that set a match to the American powder keg and set off the […]

birthright citizenship

Birthright citizenship is a hotly contested issue once again, following Donald Trump’s interview with Axios in which he posited the idea that he could do away with birthright citizenship via […]

trump caravan military

Border security! It’s a vital component to a sovereign nation. Without it, you don’t have a nation at all. For far too long we have all been witness to the […]