Democrat Georgia U.S. Senate Candidate Warnock Refuses To Answer If He Supports Court-Packing

Warnock Debate

During a debate on Sunday night, Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock refused to answer whether he supports packing the U.S. Supreme Court.

Packing the Supreme Court is opposed by most Americans in the polls, but has gained steam within the Democratic Party after President Donald Trump was able to appoint three Supreme Court justices.


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Democrat Warnock Completely Dodges The Question On Court Packing

Warnock is the Democratic challenger running against incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Loeffler called her opponent “radical liberal Raphael Warnock” more than once during Sunday night’s debate.

Warnock was asked by the debate moderator, “If Democrats do win control of the U.S. Senate, there will be pressure to increase the size of the U.S. Supreme Court.”

“Would you support adding more justices to the Supreme Court to offset President Trump’s recent appointments?” the moderator queried.

Warnock completely dodged the question.

He instead answered, “I want to point out that Kelly Loeffler actually voted to defund the police.”

“And as I move all across the state … people aren’t asking me about the courts and whether we should expand the courts,” Warnock continued.

“I know that’s an interesting question for people inside the beltway to discuss,” he added.

Court Packing A Fringe Idea Once Pushed By FDR

Despite Warnock’s non-answer, the moderator pressed him again.

All Warnock responded with was “I’m really not focused on it.”

Democrats’ court packing idea picked up a lot of steam after President Trump was able to nominate and confirm his third Supreme Court appointment with the recent addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

In late November, a report from Fox News described court packing as a “fringe idea” once pursued by Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “who sought to force through parts of his New Deal that were ruled unconstitutional by the high court.”

“Democrats have accused Republicans of stealing Supreme Court seats, and alleged that they have engaged in their own version of “court packing,” Fox News observed.

“Consequently, a number of Democrats and activists have called for President-elect Joe Biden to attempt to pack the court with more justices,” the report noted.

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It Is No Surprise Warnock Refused To Answer Given The Direction Of His Party

This “fringe” idea has now permeated enough of the Democratic Party, as illustrated by Warnock’s refusal to answer the moderator’s question on the subject during Sunday’s debate.

He wouldn’t want to irritate or offend his far-left allies and donors, now would he?

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