This Saturday, President Trump will hold his first rally since Election Day as he heads to Georgia to fire up the Republican base for Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and Senator David Perdue (R-GA).

Both of the incumbent Republican senators are locked in tight run offs with their Democratic challengers.

In the short term the stakes in Georgia are obvious: with Republicans currently holding 50 seats in the Senate, the GOP needs to win at least one of these races to maintain control of the upper chamber.

Should Democrats prevail in both races, Kamala Harris – if she is sworn in as Vice President – would provide the tie-breaking vote and wrest control of the chamber to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and the Democrats.

The long-term effects of Democratic wins in these two seats, however, cannot be understated.

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A President Biden with a Democratic controlled House and a Democratic controlled Senate is a recipe for absolute disaster. All of the important policy efforts that President Trump has spearheaded over the last four years would be in jeopardy.

Instead of completing the wall on our southern border, Democrats would have free rein to fundamentally change our immigration laws and pave the way for tens of millions of illegal immigrants to become American citizens.

Such a move that would signal a green light for tens of millions of more illegal immigrants to cross our southern border.

A Democratic-controlled Senate would allow a Biden administration to appoint the most hardline leftist administration in the history of our country.

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This administration could – almost overnight – roll back all of the President’s excellent work in the area of regulatory reform and give the most left-wing elements of our political system control of the massive federal government bureaucracy.

The massive overreach of state governments that we have witnessed over the last nine months would look like child’s play compared to the havoc progressives could play in the lives of Americans if they are giving unfettered control of the federal bureaucracy.

Imagine the damage the Department of Education could do in the hands of a Squad-like liberal.

Radical fringe policy like critical race theory would become required teaching for every school in the country.

Historically inaccurate and intentionally misleading projects like the 1619 Project would serve to indoctrinate an entire generation of young people.

A free hand to appoint the most hardline leftists imaginable would have consequences far beyond our own borders.

A Democratic-controlled Senate would allow Biden to up-end President Trump’s efforts to level the playing field when it comes to international trade and cede away American sovereignty to international organizations like the United Nations.

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A Democratic-controlled Senate could end the filibuster and open the floodgates to even more radical ideas that will seek to establish permanent left-wing control of all three branches of government.

Ideas like statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, which would effectively put the Senate and the Presidency out of reach for the GOP for decades, and court-packing, which would turn a conservative-majority on the Supreme Court into a conservative-minority on the Court overnight.

There are some on the right who are telling Republicans in Georgia not to vote in these run-off elections.

These people are idiots, who should be ignored.

There is absolutely no difference between these grifting buffoons and the Jen Rubins and Bill Kristols of the world who urged people to “save the GOP” by voting for every single Democrat on the ballot.

I continue to support the President’s efforts to guarantee that every single legal ballot is counted, but the reality is that time is running short.

If President Trump is swindled out of a re-election, then he should immediately start campaigning for 2024 and the America First base of the Republican Party should immediately start doing everything we can to stop the left when and where we can.

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That starts in Georgia.

Every single Republican who cares about the future of this country, and who cares about protecting the incredible work done by President Trump over the last four years, should be laser focused on winning both of these Senate seats and denying the left a free hand to demolish our country.