Democrat Congresswoman Grace Meng is Disgusted With a Colleague’s Border Wall-Themed Christmas Decorations

Congresswoman Grace Meng took exception to the border-themed Christmas display set up outside the office of her colleague, Representative Eli Crane.
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New York Congresswoman Grace Meng took exception to the border-themed Christmas display set up outside the office of her colleague, Representative Eli Crane.

The display first caught the attention of Jason Tufele Carl Johnson, a staffer for far-left Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ).

Johnson posted a picture of the display to X, along with commentary that works best when reading it in the voice of Dana Carvey’s ‘Church Lady’ character.

“Normally Longworth 2nd floor Christmas decorations are a bipartisan and amiable contest,” he wrote.

“Rep. Eli Crane’s office has the most insensitive, charged, and insulting Christmas decor I’ve ever seen in my 5 years on Capitol Hill.”

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Dems Triggered by Eli Crane’s Border Wall Decorations

As you can see, Crane’s (R-AZ) decorations involve a wall *GASP!* and a sign reading “Border Patrol Elves Only.”

It also has a sign above the entryway declaring his office to be a ‘port of entry’ or rather, one of the places most illegal immigrants try to avoid when they cross the border.

Federalist CEO Sean Davis advised the Dem staffer to truly get in touch with his emotions on the matter.

“Have you considered crying harder about it?” he asked.

And wouldn’t you know it, some Democrats actually did, in fact, cry harder about it.

“Make that 8 years for me. I’ve never seen a GOP office on the 2nd floor do this,” responded Andrew Heineman, a staffer for Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

Aaron Fritschner, a staffer for Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) offered his own take.

“In addition to being stupid and in terrible taste, Eli Crane and his staff are showing impressive ignorance of the nativity story,” he wrote on X. “They should read Chapter 2 of the Gospel of Matthew to remind themselves what Christmas is all about.”

Meng became the first elected official to offer her opinion on the border wall-themed Christmas decorations.

“This is how Republicans choose to use their time and resources in the halls of Congress,” she wrote on X.

“This is disgusting and dehumanizing rhetoric, and as a fellow member of Congress, I can think of so many better uses of our time than hanging up crude signs.”

Huh. She took cry harder to heart.

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Meng Should Worry About Her District Instead

Meng, who represents Queens, should probably worry about her constituents rather than some frivolous but hilarious border wall Christmas decorations.

All she needs to do is listen to the Democrat mayor of New York City, who has insisted illegal immigrants are going to “destroy” the city.

“I don’t see an ending to this,” Adams said. “This issue will destroy New York City. Destroy New York City.”

But Meng’s primary disappointment doesn’t appear to be the destruction of the city, it’s those ‘crude signs’ about ports of entry.

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently testified that the Biden administration is “constantly monitoring as best we can all ports of entry to the country for the potential arrival of anybody who might wish us harm.”

Their best doesn’t seem to be very good considering over 600,000 “gotaways” had evaded law enforcement and escaped into the country in a very short period of time. Some estimates suggest upwards of 2 million “gotaways” have vanished into the country since the President took office.

Wray also testified that the country is less safe under President Biden.

“What I would say to you is that the terror threats have elevated,” he admitted.

It should be noted that while Democrat aides and Meng are truly beside themselves over border wall Christmas decorations, none of them seem to be phased that Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has a Palestinian flag sitting outside her doorway.

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