The struggle for a microphone between CNN’s Jim Acosta and a female White House aide has shown just how serious liberals are about “believing women.” Acosta has denied laying a hand on the intern at the video-recorded event, and earlier today on “The View“, one panelist seriously tried to accuse the woman of being the aggressor (for doing her job). One Democrat Congressman is taking the crazy to new levels, and alleging that the Acosta incident was an “inside job.”

According to The Federalist:

“Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly told TMZ on Thursday he thinks the White House set up CNN’s Jim Acosta by having a female intern approach to grab the microphone from him at Wednesday’s press briefing.”

“I believe they had an intern deliberately set up Jim Acosta,” Connolly said. “I think that was pretty clear.”

The most glaring problem with Connolly’s “theory” (and I’m using the word “theory” generously) is that no member of this alleged conspiracy could’ve predicted how Acosta would react when the aide tried to take his mic. How would a conspiracy like this even be arranged? Does Connolly think Trump knowingly started a heated exchange with Acosta in hopes that it would make him less likely to give up his mic, thus creating a struggle when the aide tried to take it? Certainly, there are easier ways to embarrass Jim Acosta.

It’s also unclear what Connolly thinks the purpose of the supposed “inside job” to setup Acosta was. To revoke his press pass? That’s been a long time coming. Trump has since threatened to revoke the passes of even more reporters, so he clearly doesn’t need to create catalysts to justify revoking credentials.

Surprisingly, nobody seems to have yet asked the aide for her side of the story. I thought the rule, at least according to Democrats, is that we have to believe women no matter what?

Hopefully she’ll enter the public square and settle this once and for all. Think Democrats will listen and believe this time around?

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