Sunny Hostin of “The View” accused a White House intern of assaulting CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

“The View’ plays the assault angle

Video footage of Jim Acosta refusing to give up his mic to a female W.H. intern has somehow ignited a debate over what “really” happened, with some liberals trying to pretend that the intern was somehow the aggressor. I feel like I’m watching the “Laurel vs. Yanni” debate unfold all over again, as I literally cannot understand how anyone can watch the footage and not see the truth: an intern attempting to do her job and take Acosta’s mic, which he aggressively holds on to.  Somehow the brain trust over at “The View” managed to see the woman as the Goliath to Acosta’s David.

Here’s what host Sunny Hostin said:

For me, when I saw that, I mean, I learned very early on that what I saw was battery, not by Jim Acosta, but by the young White House aide. When you are holding something…If I may, if you’re holding something and you snatch this from me, this cup is now an extension of me, and that means you’ve battered me, you’ve assaulted me.

She received pushback from panelists Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain. “So you’re blaming the woman in this situation for doing her job?”” Huntsman asked. McCain asked if Hostin believes that the female intern should then be arrested and charged, which is what should rationally occur if she did indeed assault Acosta.

Clearly attempting to do so would be laughable, and no reasonable person would bring such charges forward. Only partisan politics could make anyone think otherwise.

Watch below:

Acosta plays the victim

While I don’t think it would be fair to describe either party as having committed an “assault,” Acosta certainly was unnecessarily aggressive. Not only that, Acosta must realize he did something wrong, considering that he’s now publicly lying about his behavior. Speaking on CNN after the incident, Acosta claims that he didn’t even do as much as touch the intern, which is clearly false.

It’s depressing that there’s even a debate over what transpired in the altercation between Acosta and the intern. If something identical occurred at a non-political press conference, would there even be any dispute? Alternatively, if it were a male Fox News reporter wrestling for a mic with a young female, do you think “The View” would be blaming the women then?