Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams recently said on The View, “I think Vice President Biden is going to make a smart choice, and I appreciate the fact that he has lifted up women as being a necessary partner in this. I would share your concern about not picking a woman of color (for vice-president) because women of color, particularly black women, are the strongest part of the Democratic Party.”

In the veep context, she is likely referring to herself. Well, such obvious shilling does not sit well with the Democrat party, Democrat pros, donors, and the Biden campaign. They realize that choosing Abrams would be electoral suicide in the fall election. Not because she is a woman. Not because she is black. But because she is a blithering idiot.

As such, a loyal Democrat apparatchik was deployed to rain on her parade. Rep. William Lacy Clay, Jr. of Missouri was probably chosen to deliver the message to Abrams because he is black and thus inoculates the Biden campaign from race hustler charges of bigotry.

“I’ll tell you what is somewhat offensive to me, is when you are marketing yourself as a VP candidate,” Clay said on a recent podcast. “For you to be out there marketing and putting on a PR campaign that way, I think it’s inappropriate…You know, at the race track, you cannot show up at the winner’s window with loser’s tickets. You haven’t won anything. You can’t show up at the winner’s window with loser’s tickets and demand anything.”

The man has a point. Abrams brings nothing to the table besides her self-promotion, her gender, and her race. Sadly, in a party that has jettisoned merit and replaced it with sexism and racism, she will get a hearing. But, as Clay’s broadside shows, she should not confuse a hearing with a nod. Kamala Harris or Michelle Lujan Grisham, call your office.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on April 29, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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