Democrat Candidate Disrespects God And Trump Voters In Campaign Ad

Democrat burns gun

If it’s not bad enough that school officials are punishing students for exacting their Second Amendment rights, a Democratic congressional candidate from Pennsylvania has released a campaign ad in which he takes apart and burns a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle.

George Scott, who is challenging Republican Rep. Scott Perry in the newly-formed 10th congressional district, is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and pastor. Yet in the ad released on Wednesday, he declares that while he was “trained to use guns […] Donald Trump’s loyal soldiers like Scott Perry exploit guns and God to score political points.”

Scott then begins throwing pieces of the dismantled rifle into a campfire and says that he “believes in common sense and not blind loyalty,” noting that he’s for “gun safety to better protect our children and our communities.”

The ad also indicates that Scott supports “mandatory background checks” and wants to “ban assault rifles meant for war.”

Watch the ad below.

On the contrary, it doesn’t seem like Scott has any “common sense.”

It’s extremely disheartening that Scott, a veteran, and a man of God, had the gall to accuse Republicans of exploiting “guns and God to score political points” when that’s exactly what he did himself in this ad.

Furthermore, does he really not see how his plan to impose stricter laws on legal gun owners will actually make his alleged mission to “protect our children and our communities” all the more difficult?

As ignorantly brazen as Scott’s ad is, it’s unlikely to get him elected. The constituents who live within the 10th district are primarily Republican, and there are three other Democrats vying to challenge Perry – all of whom also support mandatory background checks and want to ban AR-15 style rifles. Furthermore, it’s doubtful that voters will take kindly to being accused of “blind loyalty” to the Second Amendment. Didn’t Scott learn anything from Hillary Clinton’s name-calling?

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