Delusional Bill Clinton Blames Hillary’s Trouble on THIS (WATCH)

Years ago, Hillary Clinton went on national TV and said the Monica Lewinsky story was a right wing conspiracy. If it weren’t for smart investigative work and the blue dress, the Clintons would still be lying about it. (And yes, I am paraphrasing just a little.)

Now her husband Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States and a career liar, is blaming the GOP and the media for Hillary’s crimes.

Darn, that pesky free press. Bill Clinton is a typical politician blaming someone else for making a big deal out of their peccadilloes. It’s like when Nixon declared that one year of Watergate was enough.

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Hillary did something — (actually many things) wrong. We are not just going to ignore it so she can go on doing more bad things with impunity. As a public official with inside information regarding matters of national security, it IS a big deal that Hillary had a communication channel outside the system. It is bad in terms of both security and accountability.

She says she “didn’t stop to think about it” when she set it up. That shows a lack of judgment and circumspection and a cavalier attitude about her responsibility toward protocol. These are not qualities desirable in a president.

But amazingly, Bill blames the media. The same left-wing, pro-amnesty, liberal Progressive media that tried to cover for him before we found out the truth about Lewinsky. What planet does he live on? The media are totally in the pocket for Hillary!

BTW Bill, have you figured out what the definition of “is” is yet?

You knew both of these crooks were going to try to pin the blame on someone else, like the Republican Party. Will it work? Share your thoughts below in the comment section below and add this story to your facebook/twitter timeline.

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