Delta To Lose $40 Million in Subsidies Over NRA Snub

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Liberals wanted a culture war – and now they’ve gotten one.

Following the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting, a quartet of left-wing activists has emerged to call for gun control, offering zero concrete policy proposals but plenty of mindless platitudes about the need to take “action.”

One of the efforts has been to boycott any company that has an association with the NRA. NRA members receive discounts at certain companies, for example, so they’ve been targeted for boycotts. Foolishly, a number of them have caved to the internet mobs threatening to boycott companies they’ve probably never shopped at in the first place. Among them is Delta Airlines, who announced that they “will be ending their [the NRA’s] contract for discounted rates through our group travel program. We will be requesting that the NRA remove our information from their website.”

That’s a bad move, at least if we look at other recent examples of companies taking social stances. As one analyst on the financial website Seeking Alpha asks, “Was this the company standing up for their principals like Chick-fil-A? Or is this another Target or a Keurig moment where the company was searching for their 2 minutes of free publicity picking at the wrong topic?” In the former case, the political publicity boosted Chick-fil-A’s sales massively (though they later did end donations to political causes). Not so much for Target or Keurig.

There are now nearly five million NRA members who will never fly Delta – and for what? So the company could appease some faceless Twitter users?

It’s not just Delta’s customer base who could put a nail in the company’s coffin either.

According to the Gateway Pundit,

Georgia’s Lt. Governor Casey Cagle has vowed to kill any tax legislation that benefits Delta unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with National Rifle Association.

His announcement came after massive push back from Senator Michael Williams, Trump’s former GA Co-Chair and Republican candidate for Governor.

Senator Williams had been leading an offensive revolt against a massive tax break that would save Delta millions of dollars, just days after the airline took a political stand against the NRA.

Williams isn’t done fighting however, and responded to Cagle’s tweet saying, “Casey – thank you for listening to our demands. However, Delta should not receive a government handout regardless of any other issues.”

Delta’s decision to cave to the Left’s fringe elements came just before a vote on a proposed jet fuel tax break that would save the company approximately $40 million if it passes. The bill, H.B. 918, has already passed the Georgia State House and has moved on to the State Senate.

We agree with Williams – a nearly $40 billion corporation like Delta should not be receiving taxpayer money.

Do you agree with this move by the Lt. Governor to strip Delta of its subsidy? Tell us your thoughts below!

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