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trump boycott
April 5, 2021
Trump urged Republicans and conservatives to “fight back” and boycott big corporations that have attacked Georgia’s recent election law.
delta subsidy
March 2, 2018
Delta announced that they’d cease offering discounts to NRA members after a boycott campaign targeted them, among countless other firms that had any affiliated with the NRA whatsoever.
nra companies public opinion
February 28, 2018
A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows that companies who decided to sever ties with the National Rifle Association are taking a beating in public perception.
delta nra subsidy
February 27, 2018
Following the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting, a quartet of left-wing activists have emerged to call for gun control, offering zero actual concrete policy examples, but plenty of mindless platitudes about the need to take “action.”
public opinion on guns
February 26, 2018
Delta Airlines joined several other companies caving into political pressure by the anti-gun mob and it almost immediately came back to shoot them in the ass.