New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, a hardcore leftist progressive, actually called for a boycott of a popular restaurant chain in his own city because he perceives their pro-Christian values to be “anti-LGBT.”

De Blasio called for a boycott of Chick-fil-A restaurants in New York because of the owners’ personal beliefs about traditional marriage.

“What the ownership of Chick-fil-A has said is wrong,” de Blasio said, adding “I’m certainly not going to patronize them and I wouldn’t urge any other New Yorkers to patronize them.”

The mayor’s attempted boycott may have been the best sales pitch the company could have received, as New Yorkers have come out in droves to support the company.

Via Fox News Insider:

The liberal mayor argued that the owners of the popular chicken chain are “anti-LGBT,” calling for a boycott in New York.

It appears, however, that the mayor’s words have backfired.

The two midtown Manhattan locations are doing big business, with lines often stretching around the block.

In fact, the chain is doing so well in the Big Apple that 12 new locations are expected to pop up around the city over the next year.

Check out this image of patrons lining up out the door to get them some pro-traditional marriage, pro-Christian, anti-de Blasio chicken …

Chick-fil-A’s average sales rates in their stores in the Big Apple have them on pace to beat other fast-food giants such as McDonald’s and Subway.

Our friends over at Legal Insurrection decided to play a game with de Blasio’s attempted boycott of the fast food chain, asking readers to fill in the blank on this statement: “Bill de Blasio Picks-a-Fight with Chick-fil-A because he’s a ______.”

Here are a few of our favorite responses …

  • A chicken.
  • A #NewYorkValues mayor.
  • A future criminal defendant.
  • He’s an a -hole. Also because he’s a liberal progressive totalitarian Democrat. But, mainly because he’s an a-hole.
  • Rhymes with Clucker.

Check out this report on de Blasio’s attempted boycott …

By the way, here’s a list of the ‘evil’ Christian things Chick-fil-A has done that apparently have led to their being a target of de Blasio’s scorn:

Trust us, that is a short list for this noble business.

Comment: What do you think of mayor de Blasio’s calls to boycott Chick-fil-A? What do you think of the cities response? Share your thoughts below.