Cruz Calls for Ban on Flights From Ebola Stricken Nations; Obama Refuses

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have caused havoc in Northeastern Ohio after telling Amber Joy Vinson, who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan as he was dying, that it was safe for her to board a plane with a fever.  She was diagnosed with Ebola shortly after returning to Dallas.

Vinson returned to her home state of Ohio to plan her wedding. The bridal store she shopped at is now closed out of caution. Several schools are also closed for decontamination after it was reported that students or staff had contact with Vinson during her trip.

Panic and concern is even more contagious than Ebola. With our federal government failing to properly plan or protect citizens, the public is on edge.  A Cleveland man is being held on $10,000 bond after making a joke about Ebola in a Casino. While perhaps it is not appropriate to joke about the deadly virus, it is hard to think this is a crime when compared to the failures and incompetencies of the CDC.

There has been a sharp cry for a ban on flights from countries in West Africa affected by Ebola. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is leading this charge. One of Texas’s largest health care systems told him they were only equipped to handle six Ebola patients at any given time. Given how contagious the killer virus is, this could be catastrophic to the nation. He says a more aggressive approach is needed.

“The federal government has implemented screenings at five major American airports for passengers arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Notably, the screenings don’t include other airports like DFW, where Duncan arrived.

This is not enough. The screenings are not effective if the patient is not symptomatic, and the Ebola virus has an incubation period of up to 21 days. During that time, an Ebola carrier presents no symptoms and is not contagious. Anyone traveling during those 21 days will likely walk right through the screening.

Banning flights from the afflicted countries is a prudent, common-sense step until the epidemic is brought under control.”

Now it is being reported that a healthcare worker who handled Duncan’s blood is on a Caribbean Cruise.  He left for the cruise before the CDC notified staff of the requirement to monitor themselves for Ebola. The man has voluntarily confined himself to the cabin.

Conservatives point out that much of this alarm could have been prevented had the government banned flights from the affected nations earlier. Democrats on the subcommittee of the House Energy & Commerce Committee have been siding with Obama and say a ban is not warranted.

“There’s no such thing as fortress America when it comes to infectious disease,” Diana DeGette (D-CO) said. “The best way to stop Ebola is going to be to stop this virus in Africa.”

President Obama today appointed Ron Klain to be the Ebola Czar. Klain’s experience is political rather than medical. He is well known for heading Al Gore’s recount in Florida during the 2000 Presidential election and also overseeing the distribution of funds from the stimulus package. Since the President has made a patronage appointment to the newly created Czar position, it is unlikely to stir confidence among the general public concerned about contracting the killer virus.

Do you agree with Ted Cruz that flights arriving from Ebola-stricken nations should be banned from entering the United States?

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  • His Ebola Czar should have been a medical professional with extensive knowledge on infectious diseases. Not a politician with knowledge on how to scare people to vote the way the Democrats want! This is not a man with any Presidential actions. He is an imposter in chief. He could not even handle a Labrador del for heavens sake.

  • This president is determined to exercise population control....the nazi nation is returning under Obama's reign. ...If this is allowed to spread through out the U.S...this would be catastrophic. ..especially where they don't have enough trained people to care for this....this is retarded....I can not believe the world is allowing this man to do this to this country!...God help us!

    • We will be sure and throw him in the mix, so he can have a taste of this horrible sickness and then see how he feels.

  • “There’s no such thing as fortress America when it comes to infectious disease,” Diana DeGette (D-CO) said. “The best way to stop Ebola is going to be to stop this virus in Africa.”

    How are you going to stop the virus in Africa when you let it out of Africa?

    • Typical double-speak with single mindedness! Treat it in Africa AND KEEP IT THERE! BTW, Diana, Guam is about to tip over! Geez! Look what's running our country into the ground!

  • The idiot RINOs in power don't have the sense to call a special session and pass a law requiring these travel bans. It is the right course of action and the right political action. Now this Czar will come along and implement the travel ban and he will look like a savior.

  • 35 other nations have set up a ban, why is Obama and the CDC dragging their feet? Where are our elected representatives who should be standing up for us and demanding that he set up a ban on those flights. November is coming fast, time to get rid of all those who have enabled Obama to implement his radical agenda against America while they (with a few exceptions) sat there on the stupid bench and ignored their constituents.

  • Peter I think your very close to the truth on this one, just like during his campaign with the hurricane up north, it came just in the nick of time, he did all those photo ops, and the news media followed him around like he was rock star. This is no different......only thing is, people that have half a brain and common sense will see right through this ploy.

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