Criminals Picked the Wrong McDonald’s To Try An Armed Robbery!


It’s safe to say a pair of gunmen who tried to rob a McDonald’s in France aren’t “lovin’ it” anymore, having seen their attempt thwarted by a unique group of people who happened to be eating there at the time.

The two criminal masterminds stormed a McDonald’s in Besancon, France, fired off warning shots to the employees, and cleared out the registers of nearly $2,300.

The restaurant had about 40 patrons inside, many of whom the criminals were banking on to sit quietly for their own safety.

On this night however, 11 very special people happened to be enjoying some French Fries (or are they just called Fries in France?).

Turns out, the gunmen picked a night when 11 off-duty members of an elite French special forces team that specializes in hostage situations were already on the scene.

Via The Blaze:

A pair of armed men rushed into a McDonald’s in Besancon, France, Sunday hoping to grab the cash and dash, but they quickly found out that they chose the wrong fast-food joint to stick up.

French police said the two men in their 20s fired a warning shot before cleaning out the registers of about $2,280, according to NPR. However, unbeknownst to the alleged robbers, there was a team of 11 special forces personnel seated among the 40 McDonald’s patrons in the restaurant at the time.

Even more ironic was the fact that the elite French special forces group specializes in hostage situations. But during the robbery, the French officers initially took an entirely hands-off approach.

But ultimately, the team did chose to take action. Reportedly, one of the would-be thieves tripped while trying to rush out the door, but before he could clear the threshold, the special forces team detained him.

The other alleged robber refused to put his weapon down when French forces ordered him to do so, police said. As a result of his belligerence, one of the special forces members shot the uncooperative man in the stomach.

Nobody, with the exception of the fleet-footed robber and the one with a bullet in his stomach, was injured in the melee – bystanders, customers, and employees all escaped unharmed.

The two suspects went to a nearby hospital for medical treatment and now face charges of armed robbery.

Poetic justice.

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