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New Jersey Police Officer Saves Entire Pet Store from Fire

cops save animals

Sometimes people say not me when it comes to thinking about facing a danger that you experience. As a law-enforcement officer, they face this every day, I’m just not sure about this type of incident.

A New Jersey pet store caught on fire due to an electronic malfunction. No one knew about it or even saw it coming. Officer Rafael Burgos was the first on the scene, and that’s when he and his partner went to work.

They ran into the building and saved ALL the animals. As you will read below, smoke inhalation for animals is way worse than it is for humans. What a great act of heroism.

cops save animals

From Good News Network:

Dozens of pets are now safe and sound thanks to one heroic police officer who put himself in harm’s way just to save them.

When the Route 23 Pet Center in Franklin, New Jersey went up in flames due to an electrical malfunction, police were first to arrive on the scene.

Though the building was already filled with smoke, Officer Rafael Burgos conducted an investigation of the facilities to make sure there were no staffers trapped inside. Once he was sure that there were no human workers in the building, he got to work evacuating all the frightened, caged animals.

Though humans are capable of sustaining a large amount of smoke inhalation, dog lungs are much more sensitive to irritation. If Burgos had not acted as quickly as he did, many of the pets could have perished from the smoke or flames.

They have been moved to another veterinary center for treatment, while Burgos was taken to a local hospital. The courageous hero is expected to make a full recovery despite the smoke inhalation.

All life is precious, and I believe the officers that helped these animals will be rewarded in their lives. Not everyone can do this, but I am glad they were there to do it.

What do you think about these officers risking their lives for pets? Share this amazing act with your family and friends!