Logan Police Officer Kristian Johnson did one of those things the media never mentions about cops: he helped a blind woman by fixing her microwave oven. That’s a good enough story, and one that deserves to be told more often. But it was the woman’s second request that has everyone talking!

She asked him to sing “You Are My Sunshine,” and he obliged. But what he probably didn’t realize is that his body cam was on at the time, and captured the entire incredible moment!

Elderly Americans can often miss the type of friendship you and I take for granted. Some are placed in homes and forgotten while others find themselves lonely, even with family around. When Officer Johnson sang at the homeowner’s request, can you imagine the warmth she felt listening to a few chords of the song?

He’s right, he really can’t sing, but for a few seconds, it probably was like an angelic voice to her.

Source: SunnySkyz

Hardman, who is blind, was home alone at the time and worried about a fire starting, so she said she called the operator and asked for someone to help her make sure everything was okay.

Johnson was in her kitchen a short time later and cleared the error message from the display for her and made sure the microwave was operating properly.

After Johnson showed her where the cancel button was located, the call took a sudden turn.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Johnson asked her.

“Do you sing?” she answered without hesitation.

“No, I — I don’t, I’m not a good singer,” Johnson said.

“You could start now,” Hardman said.

After the fact, Johnson said: “I realized right then and there that she expects a song, and I can’t say no to this lady.”

This is a great reminder that those of us who still have the capacity to help heal others through song or some type of kind act should get out there and make things happen. Make someone smile today and others laugh tomorrow. Sooner or later, it will come back to you one hundred fold and you will get the same treatment!

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