Cool As a Cucumber: Trump Shrugs Off Prosecutions, Blasts Pavarotti and James Brown From His Golf Cart

Former President Donald Trump is seen blasting Pavarotti and James Brown from his golf cart even as he currently faces multiple prosecutions.
Screenshot: @_johnnymaga X Video

Donald Trump, even as he battles indictments and federal criminal charges on multiple fronts, doesn’t look like a man who is all that worried.

That became even more obvious when a video surfaced earlier this month of the former President acting as a DJ on his golf cart, spinning tunes off a laptop while driving down the course.

“You ever hear this one?” Trump is heard in the clip as he flips his laptop open and mentions a collaboration between opera legend Luciano Pavarotti and the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown.

The song featuring that pairing is titled, It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, and you can watch a video of the performance below.

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People Are Loving Trump’s Golf Cart DJ Session

Trump begins to play the collaboration between Pavarotti and Brown to somebody on the golf course and remarks, “Wait ’til you hear this.”

“Pretty cool, right?” he adds before nearly blowing out the speakers attached to the back of his golf cart by cranking up the music.

Pretty sure those speakers go to 11. Trump then drives down the fairway.

The video was shared to the X social media platform by George Balfour-Kinnear where it has amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

“The regime is trying to sentence him to life in prison on 91 felony counts and he’s just vibing with his iPad,” a person going by the handle of Johnny Maga writes. “How could you not love this man?”

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Living It Up

Interestingly, Donald Trump, aside from playing Pavarotti on the golf course, has said the famed opera singer who passed away in 2007 was his friend.

The family apparently didn’t feel the same way, asking Trump’s campaign in 2016 to stop playing the late singer’s signature song — a recording of Giacomo Puccini’s aria Nessun Dorma.

“We would like to recall that the values of brotherhood and solidarity which Luciano Pavarotti expressed throughout the course of his artistic career are entirely incompatible with the world view offered by the candidate Donald Trump,” they said in a statement.

It seems Trump is a huge fan of the song It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.

He was playing it on the flight home following his controversial town hall on CNN. He was even playing DJ again adding that song to the playlist at his golf course following his second indictment.

The New York Times reported it in the following manner:

Roughly 90 minutes after he found out about his latest travails, Mr. Trump — who was playing disc jockey on his club patio at Mar-a-Lago after his April arraignment — went to the main building at Bedminster for dinner outdoors.

Wearing a red Make America Great Again cap, he again acted as a D.J., according to a person there, using an iPad to play some of his favorites: Elvis, the opera singer Pavarotti and his idol in showmanship, James Brown.

It had to kill them to not mention that song title and try to portray it as some sort of subtle misogynistic signal to the people.

The golf cart DJ appearance seems to suggest a man who is unfazed by the multiple prosecutions coming from rogue district attorneys and the Biden administration’s Justice Department.

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