Congressman Opens Up About a HUGE Life Change



Markwayne Mullin is a busy man. The U.S. Congressman and father owns a 1,000 acre horse and cattle farm and owns several businesses. One of the last things the Oklahoma Republican had on his mind in 2012, after winning his election, was adding to his family.

The Mullins already had three children and no desire to grow their family. But, God had other plans. He and his wife Christie were hosting a birthday party for her twin distant cousins who were turning two. The girls were being raised in separate homes by Christie’s great aunts who were in their 70s. The aunts were concerned their age would prevent them from properly caring for the twins until their reached adulthood.

Relying on their strong faith, the couple decided to adopt Ivy and Lynette. Congressman Mullin details the family’s journey in a Women’s Day article appropriately timed for Father’s Day. He explains that prayer was important part of his journey in deciding to expand his family.

I said, “Lord, if you want me to do this, the door has to open.” I asked Him to make three things happen: I wanted Him to expand my heart, for my kids to be on board, and to have the support of our extended family. Soon, I went back to Christie. I told her that I now felt willing—if our family was.


The adoption was official in August 2014, just months into Mullin’s first term in Congress. The father of five explained how the young girls were immediately accepted by their new siblings and quickly fit into the family’s hectic routine.

I’d been hesitant about how everyone would adapt, but I don’t think any other 2-year-olds could have accepted the craziness of our life better: all the traveling, my commuting, or spending 8 hours in the bleachers watching their siblings in a state wrestling tournament. They just roll with it— the Lord gave them that spirit. And Ivy, Lynette and I have developed our own father-daughter rituals too. On weekend nights, I’m the one who tucks them in. I used to shave in the evening, but now I wait, because Lynette loves to rub my whiskers. And Ivy wants me to give her “noonies,” which means rubbing our noses together.

H/T: Women’s Day

Congressman Mullin’s family lives their faith by opening their hearts and home at an unexpected time. What are some ways you live your faith?  Please comment below.

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