Condoleezza Rice Smacks Down NBC’s Savannah Guthrie After She Suggests Russians Elected Trump

Shelby Talcott on September 11, 2019

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shut down NBC’s Savannah Guthrie after Guthrie asked her whether Russia “elected Donald Trump.”

Rice was a guest on Wednesday’s “Today Show,” and Guthrie began to question the former secretary of state about all things Russia. At one point, Guthrie asked if Russia “actually elected Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton?” Rice immediately called out the theory, saying there isn’t “any evidence” to support the allegations.

“Do you think it’s possible that Russia’s election interference actually worked?” Guthrie asked. “It actually elected Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton?”

“I don’t think there’s any evidence of that,” Rice replied. “And, you know, I really don’t think that’s a good conversation to have. I think that really does devalue the people in Wisconsin and Michigan and others who decided to vote for President Trump.”

“Whether you like this president or not, whether you believe that he should have been president or not, let’s give the credit to the Americans who went out and voted for somebody who they thought would bring change.”

Rice added that credit should be given to the Americans who voted, noting that there is a more important question to be asked.

“Are we going to be responsive to some of the messages that were out there….People who felt that they were disadvantaged by globalization, the unemployed coal miner in West Virginia, the opioid-addicted person in Pennsylvania, are we going to be responsive to those people?” she asked. “That’s really the question we should be asking.”

The former secretary of state also noted that there is “no use” thinking about the past and what could have been done regarding Russia interfering with the election. She told Guthrie that people should instead work to prevent it from happening again.

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  • CNN's Fareed Zakaria in his GPS show yesterday tried similar anti-Trump provocative stunts on Condie, but she was having none of that. Pity she quit politics, but who needs this when she's in academia. Could've been an excellent replacement for Bolton.

  • nbc is so lucky to have such a brilliant person on their payroll. This airhead of a tv interviewer should look inside her network....she'll find all the russian tricks there.

  • Savanah give it up we are past the fluff of the investigation why do you not ask about the lies and e mails and illegal votes concerning Hillary and all the dead bodies cause you are tooo afraid you might be a dead body and maybe America would really hear the truth.
    Go in the forest and take a walk and stop the fake news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do better homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Savannah Guthrie is a perfect example of the media making up fake news. What a shame that she is on the air. Doesn't have a clue as to how Russia might have interfered in an election she just likes to run her mouth and get the fake news out there. No one wants to help our President therefore in turn they don't care about helping Americans.

  • Of course there is no mention of the estimated 7-10 million illegitimate votes cast for Hillary through voter registration and election fraud, a Democrat specialty for many decades.

  • Russia’s election interference? You mean the thousands of dollars they spent on Facebook ads that Mueller spent millions to indite 13 Russian citizens, along with 3 Russian companies that was just fluff? One of which challenged Mueller in court and he wasn't prepared to allow them discovery? The witch hunt is over, but the Democrat Party Propaganda Department, AKA the MSM, can't let go of the lie!

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