CNN Is Using THIS Excuse To Keep Carly Out Of The Next Debate


CNN is attempting to squeeze Carly Fiorina out of the second Presidential debate. The former Hewlett Packard CEO is polling in the top three in both Iowa and New Hampshire, but that doesn’t matter to CNN.

The network is using polling from July to determine who gets a seat on the main stage. Fiorina started to surge following her performance in her first debate where she dominated the other candidates.

If old polling is used to determine who will be invited to the prime time debate, what is the purpose? Numbers are constantly changing, particularly after the first debate. With polling being fluid, this process obviously smacks of favoritism.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are polling well. Adding Fiorina to that mix would make it a trifecta of political outsiders on the main debate stage. Carly’s campaign has been critical of CNN’s attempt to silence her.

Why do you think CNN doesn’t want to include Carly Fiorina in the next debate? Are they afraid of Carly? Please comment below.

H/T: Louder With Crowder

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