CNN ‘Fact Checks’ President Trump During Middle Of RNC Speech

CNN cut off President Donald Trump for a supposed “fact check” during his speech at the RNC, comparing him to Pontius Pilate.

“Wrong, Misleading, Or Outright Lies”

When President Trump spoke at the RNC on Monday, his speech was broadcast on most networks, including CNN. However, they decided that the best thing to do would be to “interrupt” the President and “fact check” him whenever he said something contrary to mainstream opinion – in this case, he discussed the possibility of fraud relating to mail-in voting – a serious concern.

“After vowing to have a positive convention, the president goes negative in its first moments,” host Anderson Cooper said. “He started off falsely attacking mail-in voting. He’s continuing to attack mail-in voting as his postmaster general testifies that the attacks are ‘unhelpful.’ That’s his own postmaster general.”

“He falsely accused Democrats of wanting to shut down the country to hurt the economy and somehow help them at the ballot box. Unclear how angering the entire country by shutting down would help them at the ballot box,” Cooper continued, claiming that President Trump was rolling out “all the most recent greatest hits and false statements.”

John King, CNN’s Chief National Correspondent, said that a lot of what President Trump said was “wrong, misleading, or outright lies,” and compared him to Pontius Pilate.

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CNN’s Stelter Demands Fact Checks Of President

CNN’s Brian Stelter had already floated the possibility of interrupting President Trump to “fact check” him on Sunday.

“The television networks are going to have interesting choices to make… about whether there is this stream of disinformation happening live,” Stelter argued.

He even went on to claim that “there is more extreme behaviour going on the right than on the left,” acting as if Fox News was some extremely biased network, “going on there on the right in ways that other networks are not, in the middle or on the left.”

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The MSM Is Full Of Partisan Hacks, Not Honest Journalists!

This line of reasoning from Stelter would make sense, if the mainstream media weren’t constantly running disinformation campaigns for the Democrats! Just recently, all the supposed “fact checkers” claimed that it was “mostly false” that the Democrats got rid of “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance at the DNC, despite this actually happening in two separate meetings.

The “fact checkers” do not check facts. They are not here to tell you the truth. They are there to gaslight you into thinking whatever they say is true, and whatever conservatives say is false. “Fact-checking” is an exercise in censorship and mind control, and it’s as simple as that.

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