Van Jones Lets Slip: ‘As Long As Biden Didn’t Embarrass Himself, We Were Going To Come Out Here And Praise It’

CNN’s Van Jones let slip the media’s narrative on Biden’s speech on Friday, noting that they would praise it regardless unless it was terrible.

Van Jones: “The Expectations Are Set So Low”

Van Jones appeared on CNN on Friday, noting just how much the Democrats were glad that Biden didn’t totally 100% screw up his speech at the DNC in Milwaukee on Thursday night.

“That sound that you hear all across the country is the sound of Democrats exhaling. People would have accepted anything,” Jones said. “We just wanted Joe to get out there. Sometimes when he gets out there you’re afraid he’s going to make a mistake or he’s going to have a gaffe. The expectations are set so low. Then he came out there and he gave an extraordinary speech.”

“We were prepared for it to be a terrible speech. As long as he didn’t embarrass himself, we were going to come out here and praise it,” Jones continued. “You don’t have to make anything up tonight. Joe Biden did that thing tonight. Unbelieveable.”

A Rather Glaring Mistake!

Van Jones has comitted the cardinal mistake of the news media, and admitted that they love to continuously lie to their audience. Given his claims that the media doesn’t have to “make anything up tonight,” that implies they would be on full damage control if Biden completely screwed up his speech.

Biden did do surprisingly well, in that he didn’t come out with blatant racism, or give inappropriate hugs to any underage women near him. The media decided to praise his basic ability to read his acceptance speech of the Democrat nomination for president – this is how low the bar is.

Biden Managed Not To Totally Screw Up One Speech!

Biden did make a couple of mistakes here and there, but overall, we’ve seen far worse during his current presidential run. Which is why Van Jones’s commentary is so spot on. The media is VERY glad they don’t have to do any more damage control for Biden – at least, not for one evening!

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