CNN And MSNBC Psychiatrist Says Trump Is Worse Than Hitler – And The Backlash Is Fierce

CNN MSNBC Psychiatrist

If Trump Derangement Syndrome was a competition, Dr. Bandy X. Lee might take first place. Lee is a psychiatrist who CNN and MSNBC have had on in the past to evaluate the President’s mental state.

Now she is arguing that Donald Trump is worse than Adolf Hitler. This is not a joke.

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Dr. Lee: ‘At Least Hitler Improved The Daily Life Of His Followers…’

On Monday, Lee tweeted, “Donald Trump is not an Adolf Hitler. At least Hitler improved the daily life of his followers, had discipline, and required more of himself to gain the respect of his followers. Even with the same pathology, there are varying degrees of competence.”

So Hitler was better than Trump, for these “reasons?”

After receiving the predictable backlash, Lee tried to defend herself.

“I see this message has upset people, but it is comment not on better or worse but competence,” Lee tweeted. “Please try to read dispassionately. I have stated several times that Donald Trump is not unique, and neither is Hitler. It is power placed in their hands that is unique.”

OKAY… AND she wasn’t done!

“This could be positive or negative,” Lee said. “For one, his faults are there for all to see. It may have driven some to laxness, believing someone so comical could not do much harm. However, the opposite is true; low competence can translate to greater dangerousness.”

Lee Gets The Backlash She Deserved

Needless to say, the backlash continued.

And again – this is who CNN and others feature as a mental health expert!

Did Lee Happen To Notice What A Friend Trump Has Been To Israel?

Lee might not have noticed that in addition to Donald Trump not starting any new wars – something Hitler could not claim – this President has accomplished something so many of his predecessors could not: Middle East peace deals.

And those peace deals include Israel, a country that now thanks the American president for helping to bring more stability to the region.

Let’s just say that is very much the opposite of what Hitler would have wanted.

And that’s not all…

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Calling Republicans ‘Hitler’ Is A Tired, Old Leftist Trick

As outrageous as it is, the Hitler line of attack is not new from leftists. Some compared President George W. Bush to Hitler. Some tried to associate 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney with the Ku Klux Klan.

This likely won’t be the last time some liberal kook compares President Trump to Hitler.

But maybe it could be the last time Dr. Bandy X Lee is ever put on TV?

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