College Kids Sign Petition to Ban Song ‘White Christmas’ – You’ll Never Guess Why


In our holiday version of ‘Political Correctness on College Campuses,’ we present to you video of college students readily and happily signing a petition to ban the holiday song ‘White Christmas.’


Because it’s racist of course!

Via The College Fix:

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph recently presented college students with a “petition” calling on radio stations to ban the song “White Christmas” because, according to the petition, it’s “insulting to people of color and perpetuates the idea that being white is automatically a positive attribute in our society.”

Here’s some of the comments Joseph made to students as he talked to them about the song.

“It perpetuates the idea that white is naturally good, and that other colors are bad, and we feel that that’s a micro-aggression,” he told one student.

“And we think that the song ‘White Christmas’ is insulting to people of color because it says snow is white and therefore it is good – but we know there are other kinds of snow,” Joseph told another student. “It’s dirty on the ground, sometimes it turns brown, sometimes it turns black.”

Our readers of course, would immediately know that Joseph is joking around. Not these college students however, as 18 of them – that’s 18 kids whose parents are funding their education so they’ll be slightly smarter about the world around them – signed the petition in about one hour.

Wait, if a White Christmas is racist, then snow itself is racist, right?

Quite possibly Joseph’s best line is when he explains the definition of micro-aggression.

“You know what a micro-aggression is right?” he asks. “It’s like an aggression, only smaller.”

In case you thought that White Christmas being deemed racist was just over the top, remember liberals have also found racism in other mundane phrases such as “black hole,” “black sheep,” or “devil’s food cake.”

We’re honestly unsure how the following product has managed to escape liberal scrutiny over the years:

After all, why does everything have to be easy for … you know what, nevermind. Time to check our privilege.

Comment: Honestly, are you even surprised that some college kids would see fit to ban the song White Christmas because it’s racist? Tell us what you think of the PC college atmosphere these days.

FB – Micro-aggression – An aggression, only smaller.

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