Chris Wallace To Pompeo: Trump ‘Had Almost A Year’ To Push China On Coronavirus Origins

On Sunday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace pressed former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, saying that Trump had adequate time to question China regarding the origins of the global COVID-19 pandemic, yet apparently did not do so.

The exchange between Wallace and Pompeo occurred on “Fox News Sunday.”

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Pompeo To Wallace: ‘The Predicate Of Your Question Is All Wrong’

Wallace said to Pompeo, “President Trump and his team, including you, had almost a year after Covid-19 first came on the scene, to really press Beijing on what the origins were, when the evidence was much fresher.”

“Now, there’s no question that the president pulled back from the W.H.O., but what did President Trump and his administration — including his secretary of state — do to press China harder to get the evidence on where the Covid-19 virus came from?” Wallace asked.

“We still don’t know,” Wallace added.

Pompeo replied, “The predicate of your question is all wrong. We have a really good idea what happened here.”

Trump’s former Secretary of State then claimed to have seen significant evidence of the so-called lab leak hyptothesis and defended the Trump administration’s actions regarding China.

“There is an enormous amount of evidence that there was a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Pompeo insisted. “There’s a pile of evidence 100 feet high. I have high confidence that that’s the case.”

Pompeo didn’t explain what this evidence was, or why it hasn’t been explained to the public.

Pompeo: ‘We Pressed The Chinese Communist Party Really Hard’

Pompeo told Wallace, “We pressed the Chinese Communist Party really hard.”

Pompeo then seemed to change the subject, taking credit for the vaccine instead of explaining how China was pressured.

“We made clear there would be real cost of the Chinese Communist Party,” Pompeo continued. “We built that Operation Warp Speed. I was thrilled to hear they are going to distribute these vaccines around the world to countries that need it.”

He added, “They couldn’t do that, but for the work that happened on the project work speed, it was remarkable and historic work to put real pressure on the Chinese Communist Party.”

Pompeo continued to elaborate.

“We got very close to being able to make a laydown case for what actually happened and how this virus came to kill millions of people around the world and destroy billions of dollars in wealth,” Pompeo said. “We know enough now.”

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“The coverup continues, and it is time for accountability,” Pompeo added.

Wallace followed up, “Do you believe that the virus came from a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute?”

“I do,” Pompeo responded.


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