Cher Comes Unglued: ‘Trump Is A Mass Murderer…The Punishment Is Death’

The singer and actress Cher just had yet another deranged meltdown against Donald Trump, this time claiming that he is a “mass murderer” who should be punished by death in a tweet that she has since deleted.

Cher Comes Unglued

Cher took to Twitter to post:


Though she deleted this tweet, Cher continued her rant by asking “why did Trump lie” and admitting that she sometimes goes “too far.” She then said that she would not “fall below my moral compass,” even though she had just publicly suggested that the president be put to death.

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“LETS TALK…. I MUST TRY TO BE A BEACON OF LIGHT FOR YOU. OBVIOUSLY DIDNT HEAR MY HIGHER ANGELS Disappointed but relieved face,” Cher continued in her disturbing rant. “I APOLOGIZE.”

“I Feel Ashamed,” Cher added, giving no reason for her shame. “SHAME IS IMPORTANT.”

Cher Loves Bashing Trump

This is far from the that Cher has launched such a deranged attack on Trump. She has spent the past few months blaming him for American coronavirus deaths.

“trump Cares Nothing About Our Vets,Our Country,Ppl Who Are Dying of Covid,Ppl From Black Lives Matter,Kids He Keeps [locked] In Cages,Nurses,& Drs Who Are Dying Because He Wont Protect Them,HE KILLS AMERICANS WITHOUT A THOUGHT,HE KILLS 4 ADULATION AT RALLIES,” she tweeted back in July.

Cher claims to be all about tolerance and love, yet she has one of the worst cases of Trump derangement syndrome in Hollywood. We can only imagine how unhinged the singer will become after November, when Trump wins reelection and is given four more years in the White House.

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This piece was written by PopZette Staff on September 13, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Can't sing "I got you Babe" anymore ... probably has had an incredible hangover too from far too much "KoolAid" as well. For those finger pointers in the crowd ... just wait until Dr. Li-Meng Yan (Virologist) releases her report in the next week, describing how the virus originated in a CCP lab (not the market, as those void of intelligence would have you believe). Malfeasance ... hardly. They were building a bio-weapon. In a normal world, that would be considered an act of war. POTUS is a cool character. In today's "patty-cake ... patty-cake ... baker's man", touchy-feely, squishy, "re-imagined" world, POTUS has taken all of the body blows. He does not rush into war nor sell his soul to the CCP as Bidenov would. If Bidenov is in charge, sing me a dirge, Cher-rie!

  • I think cher is a satanist, she talks evil, thinks evil, LIVES EVILLY and releases what she's made of in her daily BMs !

  • Can't go back and change the past. I agree more with JD's response as he's gone to the same trouble you have to do the research about what happened. The real people to blame for all the deaths is the Chinese Communist Party for not being forthcoming about the problem soon enough for the rest of the world to get a handle on it.

    The point is, if we must assign blame (which is really stupid), there's plenty to go around. This is not all Trump's fault--or that of anyone else.

  • Cher is a crybaby in a grownup body. Hard as it is, we should all pray for her comfort and healing. She probably won't accept either, but that's her choice--and her responsibility for the consequences. We, at least, can say we made the offer on behalf of Reality as a whole. Not that this should make us feel "superior" in any way to Cher or the millions of other crybabies wanting us adults to be their slaves, because we're not. We just accept Reality and our places in it (or, for those who are Christians, God, through His Son Jesus). We know we're not perfect, and that we have much to learn. These crybabies scream, stomp their feet at us, and lash out at us and Reality as a whole with their own self-hatred in the phenomenon of projection. Praying for their comfort and healing (something few of them ever got as children), throws many of them for a loop because they don't know how to deal with it.

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