Marco Rubio

It’s hard to tell for sure exactly what is happening here. But it looks like Marco Rubio approaches Jeb Bush during a break in the debate, only to be rebuffed by a Bush head shake. Rubio turns abruptly and walks back to talk to Donald Trump. I guess Bush may have just said something to Rubio, but it is odd Rubio turned and walked away so suddenly.

There is definitely bad blood between these two.

 Marco Rubio

Remember Rubio totally made Jeb look very weak during a debate two weeks ago, and things haven’t been going great for Bush since. The point is, you and I could watch this clip for hours and still not be sure what happened. We’re certain that the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire are asking the same question right now.

Check out what some twitter users had to say:

Nobody seems to know, but I am sure the lore will grow into something heard for years!

UPDATE: Hot Air reports that Marco Rubio said today there is nothing to this, but he really didn’t offer an explanation for his quick about-face in the video.

After watching this, what did you determine? Was Bush disrespectful? Did Marco decide to speak to Trump instead of Jeb? Share your analysis below and let us know what you think. Add this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

H/T – Hot Air