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Though many members of the PC-police might not like it, a radio station in Louisville, Kentucky played the Christmas classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on constant repeat this past Sunday […]

The Chicago chapter of the Satanic Temple has erected a “Snaketivity” statue next to the large Christmas tree in the Illinois Statehouse rotunda. When we think of the War on […]

Demon Ted Cruz

The left’s radical calls for violence by their leaders is filtering down to their followers and one man in Texas decided to channel his inner Satan as he destroyed a […]

Don Lemon

CNN anchor Don Lemon defended far-left radical mobs who have been harassing Republicans in restaurants and elevators claiming they are only expressing their constitutional right under the First Amendment. Lemon […]

cop shoots through windshield

Epic footage from a police car dash-cam shows the final moments of a high-speed chase of two murder suspects in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the video, Officer William Umana is […]

Trump hugs child

President Trump’s character is under constant attack. From his days as an American businessman to the campaign trail, and now as he sits in the Oval Office, the fake news […]

oldest veteran private jet

Richard Overton, the world’s oldest living World War II veteran, won another fight – this time against pneumonia. Overton had been battling his ailment at St. David’s Hospital in Austin, Texas, […]

Australia has been the “go to” model for the gun-grabbers, who propose that we mimic what Australia did, and have a government buyback to reduce the nation’s supply of firearms. […]

trump saves farm

If you’ve watched the news media over the past couple of years, you’d be hard-pressed to come to any conclusion other than the notion that President Trump is a downright […]

milton friedman steel tariffs

The great libertarian economist Milton Friedman would have a lot to say about President Donald Trump’s tariffs if he were around today, and all of it would be cautionary. To […]

massachusetts gun control 98

Massachusetts has the reputation of being among the nation’s most liberal states, and that’s reflected in the state’s gun laws, which are the most onerous of any individual state in […]

bush steel tariffs

President Donald Trump has announced his intent to implement a 25% tariff on steel, and a 10% tariff on aluminium, largely consistent with what he’s been saying for decades now. While […]