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gun control not answer

The answer to tragedies such as the Parkland, Florida, shooting is complex, requiring nuanced thinking, and not knee-jerk reactions. “It’s just a horrific, horrific, horrible shooting,” House Speaker Paul Ryan […]

conan o brien haiti

Late-night TV host Conan O’Brien filmed a special last month in Haiti as a rebuke of President Donald Trump’s then-recent comments calling the country a “s***hole.” Conan “proved” otherwise – […]

students obama quotes trump

How much of the average person’s political beliefs are more based on opposing “the other guys” than actual holding positions of their own? That appeared to be the case, at […]

democrats intelligence quiz

Admit it – when you first clicked on the image accompanying this post, you were torn. It’s a toss-up, right? Which Democrat is smarter – Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters? […]

Rebecca Nagle

Remember when President Donald Trump got himself into some trouble for calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”? “That’s very offensive!” one journalist could be heard interjecting, to which Trump sarcastically apologized before […]

study illegal immigrants crime

It wasn’t until last month that the public finally saw the federal data on illegal immigrant crime. It’s always been the case that legal immigrants tend to commit crimes at […]

fix facebook newsfeed

As you have probably already noticed, Facebook is going through dramatic changes. Now, they are about to roll out massive updates to its newsfeed that will dramatically change the type […]

Talk about making an impression. It might just be a sign that you were born to be a cop if you end up saving the life of a child on […]

mattis inspire

He may be the baddest, maddest dog on the planet, but Defense Secretary James Mattis is sometimes willing to share a heartwarming story every now and again. And this one […]

trump regulations issued

Horace Cooper, co-Chairman of Project 21, has said it is President Trump’s policies that are boosting employment numbers in the black community, not former President Obama’s. In an interview with Genevieve […]

teresa riddle

The internet is full of riddles that are extraordinarily challenging. But there’s one that people really can’t seem to solve: If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, then what am […]

trucker veteran salute

An Army veteran showed a tremendous level of respect toward the funeral procession for a World War II veteran, and the image of his act went viral. Bradley Faulkner, the […]