Carly Fiorina Says What Voters Care About Most Is What Hillary Lacks — WATCH!

Carly Fiorina had a masterful appearance on Fox News Sunday. The Republican Presidential candidate had some harsh words for Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness. When Chris Wallace asked Fiorina if Hillary’s emails were relevant, Carly decisively spoke her mind.

“It’s completely relevant. It’s right at the center of what voters care about, because you see, we know voters care about whether a potential president is trustworthy. And what voters are discovering, day after day, drip by drip, is that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy. It is the heart of the matter.

She’s not trustworthy. She has engaged in cover-ups and she’s not been truthful. And every day that goes by we learn that over and over and over.

And no amount of spin and no amount of talking points is going to change that reality.”

The interview then turned to Planned Parenthood and Fiorina continued to demonstrate why her voice is needed at the first debate. Jess McIntosh, the vice president of radical pro-abortion group Emily’s List, was also on the show and Fiorina made mincemeat out of her in this must-watch interview.

“This has to do with the moral foundation of our nation.

If a woman was sitting outside of Planned Parenthood, in, for example, her OB/GYN’s office, looking at this ultrasound at the same point in her pregnancy, her doctor would be saying to her, look at your baby. Look at its heartbeat. Look at its fingers and toes.

This is an abomination that Planned Parenthood has lobbied against a woman’s opportunity to look at an ultrasound before she makes an incredibly difficult choice to end the unborn life within her. And yet they are using that same technology to harvest body parts, which they claim are not a life, in order to sell them to save another life.

It is unbelievably hypocritical and I frankly find it astounding that anyone can defend it.”

Host Chris Wallace challenged Fiorina’s opinion that Planned Parenthood should be defunded. He pointed out that the largest abortion provider also provides HIV Screening and breast exams. Fiorina wasn’t about to let that stand and she swung back.

“Oh, gee, I thought Obamacare was supposed to take care of that.

I’m so tired of the canard about women’s health. There are plenty of places where women can achieve and have these services.

If Planned Parenthood is so concerned about women’s health, why don’t they accept, for example, federal funding of pregnancy centers, one next door to every single Planned Parenthood clinic, so that women can look at an ultrasound before they choose to have an abortion? Or so that they can have options presented to them if they choose to bring the life into the world?

But, no, Planned Parenthood doesn’t want that. Look, this isn’t about women’s health. This is about Planned Parenthood wanting to preserve their political power so that they can lobby consistently on behalf of pro- abortion Democrats. Why should they be given federal funding? Why should they get federal funding so they can continue to lobby for certain candidates as Emily’s List does every single day.”

In the latest PPP poll, Fiorina has broken through the top 10. Would you like to see Fiorina in next week’s Republican primary debate? Please comment below.

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