Carly Fiorina Just Got Hit With Some News That Could Derail Her Campaign

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Senior Associate Dean at Yale, whose name Donald Trump dropped at the CNN debate is very adamant about why he thinks Carly “shouldn’t be President & why she was a disaster.”

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I am not creating this story to be a hit piece on Fiorina but the news is the news, and if it’s out there and backed up, then it must be reported. She needs to answer this and do so as best she can. Right now as she rises, the trail of business skeletons drags along with her success.

Here are some basic facts. Under Carly’s leadership thousands of American workers lost their jobs and HP jobs were shipped overseas, while she enriched herself beyond what any of us could imagine [Omaha-World Herald, 9/29/03]. The stock price took a huge hit compared to the rest of the market. When she was fired she still received severance pay of about $100 million, when the average American loses his/her job all that worker gets is unemployment insurance for six months and maybe two weeks of severance pay [Business Insider 9/13/15].

She did run for the U.S. Senate on her record as a business person and lost to Barbara Boxer in a landslide. It was one of Boxer’s easiest elections.

According to Sonnenfeld’s column:

“At a time that devices had become a low margin commodity business, Fiorina bought for $25 billion the dying Compaq computer company, which was composed of other failed businesses,” despite resistance from “most industry analysts, HP shareholders, HP employees, and even some HP board members.”

After she was fired, the company “shuttered or sold virtually all Fiorina had bought.” Now, she says she doubled revenues, which Sonnenfeld waves off as an “empty measurement” seeing as how profit fell.

She says she doubled employment, without mentioning that all she did was combine HP and Compaq then lay off 30,000 people. None of this means she shouldn’t be given a second chance, Sonnenfeld writes, but in order to deserve one, she must first admit to and learn from her mistakes—but he believes all she’s done so far is manipulate the facts and go on the defensive.

This video report was just recorded a couple of days ago on CNBC where Sonnenfeld said everybody deserves a second chance when they err but then he made this compelling statement:

“I don’t know why in 10 years no board of directors anywhere in the world has given her that chance,” he said. “Trump, he’s come back from his setbacks.”

Check out the video report for yourself:

What do you think of this? A very opinionated law professor who is called upon by CNBC for his analysis who knows Fiorina’s history or Carly who sticks by her success story and calls out Sonnenfeld for being a Clinton supporter?

The decision is yours. Leave your thoughts below in our comment section and add this to your Twitter/Facebook timeline to see what your friends say about it.

H/T: CNBC, Politico

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