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BREAKING: Car Plows Into Pedestrians Outside London Starbucks

A car driving at erratic speeds plowed into pedestrians outside a London Starbucks. The incident occurred today, near London’s King’s Cross railway station.

A witness to the scene told The Daily Star:

“I had was walking from the station up Pentonville Road and had just passed the McDonalds on the left.

“All of an sudden there was some loud engine revs – either with the car having been floored in a low gear or with the clutch depressed.

“Then I heard a series of bangs and saw the Smart car come across the pavement a few metres ahead of me.

“It collided with a man who was outside the door of the Starbucks and I thought immediately that it had gone over him.”

Authorities currently do not consider the incident to be terror-related.

London has been on edge after a number of terrorist attacks where cars were used as the primary weapons.

This is a breaking story. Refresh for updates!

UPDATE – A picture of the aftermath has been released:

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  • The solution to the problem is clear and simple. All Londoners must either convert to Islam or leave the city. Only then will the terrorism stop. The Brits have failed at keeping the country secure and now must pay the price for their foolishness and for all their meddling in Muslim affairs in the past.

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