Cancer Survivor Woke Up to a Gun in Her Face Then THIS Happened


Dietta Gueye was fast asleep when five intruders broke into her Detroit home through her bedroom window. She woke up when one of them put a gun in her face. She sprang into action and grabbed the gun that was next to her. Then she shot at the suspects. At least one of them returned fire, shooting Dietta in the thigh.

Gueye got her concealed pistol license two years ago after a previous break in. She is a cancer survivor and was not about to lose her life to criminals in her own home. She encourages women to do the same so they can protect themselves from situations like the one she experienced.

“I just want to encourage a lot of women to get their CPL,” Dietta said. “And don’t be scared if you’ve got to protect yourself and your life. Do not be scared.


Female gun ownership has risen dramatically the past several years. In 2011, a Gallup poll concluded that 23 percent of women own guns. That is a ten percentage point increase in only eight years. Women are increasingly using their Second Amendment rights to assert their ability to protect themselves.

How would you protect yourself from a home invasion? Are you prepared? Please comment below.

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