You Can Bet Obama Won’t Bring THEM To The White House

In case you didn’t know — #BluesLivesMatter, even though the Obama administration won’t admit it.

Officer Daniel Webster died early Thursday at the University of New Mexico Hospital, a little more than a week after he was shot by an ex-convict. I know you are tired of seeing our boys in blue continue to get chopped down by thugs while local, state, and federal government sort of wash their hands of the situation.


Webster’s death followed an especially violent week in New Mexico’s largest city, where police say another gunman shot and killed a 4-year-old girl amid a road-rage dispute.

Our judges need to take a hard look at what’s going with these repeated offenders.

The court system is failing, because of judges who cannot do their job the way they should. If this was a family member of a judge, you can be sure the criminal wouldn’t see the light of day.

Officer Webster suffered gunshot wounds to his upper body and jaw on the night of Oct. 21, after Davon Lymon opened fire on him outside a pharmacy, authorities said.


My condolences to the officer’s family and friends. Another real human being lost in the line of duty. Unfortunately, our system has failed even our officers, who arrest these criminals only to see them back on the street once again.

When you fall and can’t get up, the police are the first people you call. When your husband beats you until you’re black and blue, you call the cops for protection, and when your homeboys decide to rob you, you call the police trying to get your belongings back.


So the truth is, we need the cops. Without them, we would all be in trouble. Yes, there are a few bad cops, but single them out and punish them. Don’t punish an entire group of people for a few bad apples. There are some great police officers who risk their lives for us every day. So stop this hate and condolences to Officer Webster’s family, may he rest in peace.

Lymon is in federal custody and faces one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. A judge has ordered him to remain jailed pending trial.

This is a tragic story, but I had to tell it. Our law enforcement officers offer protection every day to watch over those they have no connection. What do you think about this tragedy? Will Obama invite Officer Webster’s family to the White House? Share your comments below.

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