The Democrats continue to spiral further into insanity over the prospect of Donald Trump winning the presidency.

John Burton, Chairman of the California Democrat Party, spoke at a rally in which he bluntly told the audience, “F*** Donald Trump,” extending two middle fingers in the air for the crowd to see.

It is yet another sign that the Democrat Party has run out of ideas to help the American people, and have instead turned to profane tantrum-throwing hysterics.

Even better, the Associated Press reported Burton’s obscene gestures as simply “tough words” for the President. They called the incident “a sign of the vigor of the party’s distaste for the president.”

A sign of vigor? Had anybody delivered such a tirade against former President Barack Obama, they likely would have received a visit from the FBI.

Not Burton, who will now go down as a semi-folk hero of the unhinged left.

Look at how the Associated Press described the scene:

California’s elected Democrats had tough words for President Donald Trump and the GOP Congress on Saturday, urging their party’s fired-up activists to work against the 14 Republicans in the state’s congressional delegation.

The party’s leaders blasted Trump’s alleged ties to Russia and presented California as the epicenter of liberal resistance to the president.

In a sign of the vigor of the party’s distaste for the president, outgoing party Chair John Burton, a longtime Democratic lawmaker and powerbroker known for his blunt and profane manner, extended two middle fingers in the air as the crowd cheered and joined him.

“F— Donald Trump,” he said.

Cameras appear to have caught House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi laughing at Burton’s antics.

And of course, the juvenile Democrats in the crowd were all-too happy to join in the middle finger salute for our President.

This isn’t a one-off by any stretch of the imagination. Democrats cursing and swearing their way across the country in the wake of Trump’s electoral victory has been so prevalent, one has to assume they’ve poll tested it and determined this is what their voters want in leadership – Simple minded liberals with limited vocabularies.

Tom Perez, leader of the Democratic National Committee, was heard telling supporters that “Republicans don’t give a s*** about people.”

During a recent interview, Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the Democrat Party’s top women leaders and a potential presidential candidate in 2020, dropped multiple F-bombs.

“We’re here to help people, and if we’re not helping people, we should go the f*** home,” she declared.

Apparently helping people means leading them in childlike profane chants against a man holding an office that every American should respect.

Have Democrats become completely unglued since Trump won the election? Share your thoughts with us below.