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After a man harassed Ivanka Trump on an airplane in front of her husband and children, karma came back in a big way – when Jesse
John Burton, Chairman of the California Democrat Party, spoke at a rally in which he bluntly told the audience, “F*** Donald Trump,” extending
A new Chelsea Manning fundraiser sponsored by WikiLeaks for the prisoner’s release date proved to be an incredible embarassment
We live in a time when liberals attack Trump’s grandchildren. They have no shame. This is what happened when Donald Trump, Jr. posted a cute picture
In 2017, in the Trump era, liberals attack widows. On Twitter, Dan Grilo, who worked for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on their presidential
February 6, 2017
You know liberals have totally lost their minds when, in attempting to protest Donald Trump, they end up hanging out with Casey Anthony.
Well, life waits for no one. Austin’s wife, Lindsay went into labor on the day before New Year’s Eve and Austin’s decision…
January 26, 2017
Why are there so many people calling for a Trump assassination? Now it’s not just loony Hollywood celebrities, but the editor of a major
January 26, 2017
Once again, a public school teacher is caught on video pretending to carry out the assassination of President Trump. Of course
January 26, 2017
The now-infamous Obamacare architect still thinks you’re just too darn stupid to understand that the healthcare takeover is really good for you
January 18, 2017
An out of control anti Trump protester sets self on fire… News at 11. No, that’s not a fake story. Apparently, one protester