Unlike former President George W. Bush, former President Barack Obama has sought out the spotlight and attacked his successor publicly.

Obama has been a vocal opponent of President Donald J. Trump’s temporary travel ban from 7 Muslim countries to allow our vetting process to be improved. Obama apparently forgot the list of countries came from him, and the Obama White House implemented similar restrictions, which were never protested.

While Obama’s policies failed America, we know Obama would rather be on the golf course than in the White House. He played more than 300 rounds of golf during his two terms in office, and his family’s total vacation bills to exotic locations are now calculated in the billions.

Now, while Trump is busy implementing policies on behalf of the hard-working Americans who elected him, Obama was just spotting partying on the British Virgin Islands with eccentric British billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

He and Michelle continue to be embarrassing. Twitter instantly mocked the former President’s un-cool backwards-hat style. He’s so out-of-touch:

This is part of an ongoing post-Presidency vacation for the Obama family. They plan on building the “Obama Foundation” soon, which hopefully isn’t the same type of criminal enterprise the Clinton Foundation was.

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