The recently elected leader of the Democratic National Committee, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, has already been ruffling a lot of feathers both in and out of the party.

While running for the post, he admitted that the party actively worked against Bernie Sanders in the primary. Then, a few weeks after becoming chairman, Perez demanded that DNC employees submit their resignations immediately.

Perez was elected to shake-up a party that was historically decimated during the Obama years, even though he’s a longtime Clinton & Obama operative.

To do that, he is having to gin up support among the party faithful to get them fired up and ready to fight against Trump.

Apparently, that includes saying patently false things about the election and using profanity:

“Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values… Donald Trump, you didn’t win the election.”

Later in his speech, President Obama’s secretary of labor added that he doesn’t “care” if people take issue with his speech, just like how “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people.”

Watch the video below

Perez and the Democrats have their backs against the wall. They’re completely out of power on the national stage and have to do something to get back to relevancy.

There is zero evidence that Donald Trump “didn’t win” the election. He did. He won it fair and square without interference.

The Democrats are still going through the “denial” process of grieving, it seems. They’ll need to change tactics if they hope to win back voters.

H/T Daily Caller.

Are the Democrats ever going to learn or are they doomed to repeat the same mistakes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.