Brooklyn Has A Special Two Word Message For Cuomo And de Blasio

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In these days of national turmoil and the increasing polarization of America into opposing camps, it’s nice, even sentimental, to take a moment and marvel at an example of good Americans doing what good Americans have been doing since the dawn of the Republic: Flipping off politicians. Kind of brings a tear to your eye.

But then, nothing will drive citizens into using the traditional Anglo-Saxon term for extreme disdain more than the lying, incompetent, and unsuccessful actions of Democrat politicians.

In fact, there must be special circle reserved in Dante’s infernal regions for modern Democrats like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. For only they can screw up so badly it takes an entire city block to describe the reaction. How? Like this.

Cuomo And De Blasio Hit With Nasty Surprise

For about a whole day this weekend, an all-caps block-long message was painted in yellow on a Brooklyn street. It contained the anger of New York City and proclaimed: “F–k Cuomo and de Blasio.”

It was painted in the midst of a street party that was also billed as a small business protest. Ah, such direct eloquence is a distinct quality of most New Yorkers. Though the phrase can be a tad out of place at times, though that never matters to city residents, this seemed to be just the right circumstance to use it.

A local Fox affiliate:

“A few partygoers got the idea to paint in huge [letters, using] yellow paint with rollers on North 15th, ‘F–k Cuomo and de Blasio,’ an unidentified attendee said Sunday. ‘The party continued. Everyone took photos. It was a big hit. The crowds cheered, even the cops chuckled.’ ”

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The History OF This Phrase

This specific phrase has a proud place in American history. In 2004 then Vice President Dick Cheney told Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont to “Go f*** himself” during an argument on the Senate floor.

Afterwards the veep told talkshow host Dennis Miller, “You’d be surprised how many people liked that. It’s sort of the best thing I ever did.” Maybe a bit of an exaggeration from Cheney. But it’s at least in his top ten.

Vanity Fair related:

“In recent times, the word has been most memorably muttered by Vice President Joe Biden during the televised signing of health-care reform legislation. ‘It’s a big f***ing deal,’ he whispered to President Obama, unaware or uncaring that the two were still miked.”

You know, Barack Obama was a disgrace as president. But we do take solace in the knowledge that in pennance for his traitorous sins he had to endure eight years of Joe Biden nipping at his heels like a mentally challenged schnauzer commenting on the glaringly obvious.

If anything, the constant presence of Biden must have made the 44th president utter the phrase in question more than all the other occupants of the office combined, including Richard Nixon and Harry Truman. And that’s saying something.

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This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 21, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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