Well, this came out of left field. And if President Trump isn’t careful and follows this advice, he might find himself in a load of trouble.

Last February, President Trump confirmed exclusively to the Drudge Report that he was running for reelection, and that his campaign manager was going to be the data guru who helped give him the extra edge in the last election, Brad Parscale. (RELATED: President Trump Confirms 2020 Re-Election Bid on Drudge Report).

Parscale is normally a behind-the-scenes guy, but he’s become more outspoken over Twitter as of late, and just made a startling suggestion for President Trump. Take a look:

You can’t get more explicit than that.

Parscale, of course, is referring to the controversial IG report that details all the abuses the FBI committed during the 2016 presidential election against Trump. (RELATED: IG Report Exposes Damning Details About Obama’s Knowledge Of Hillary’s Emails). Not only did we learn that James Comey isn’t the squeaky-clean white knight he pretends to be, but we know that the attempt to stop Trump from reaching the presidency was worse than we thought. (RELATED: Here’s How ‘Challenging’ It Was To Find Strzok’s ‘We’ll Stop’ Trump Text Message).

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Trump should fire Mueller and end the investigation. Nor does it mean that Jeff Sessions, who only assumed the position of Attorney General after the 2016 election, should be fired.

Trump should think carefully about this, and not take the suggestion too seriously on its face. Firing Mueller at this stage could give establishment Republicans and Democrats exactly what they want: an opportunity to impeach Trump.

We know the FBI is compromised. We know that Jeff Sessions hasn’t been as energetic at getting the DOJ to hand over necessary documents to Congress. And we know the Mueller investigation is tainted.

Still, Trump should tread carefully.

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