Boos Rain Down As Jim Acosta Shouts At Trump, Asking If He’ll Apologize For January 6

CNN reporter Jim Acosta was met with a cascade of boos after shouting a question to Donald Trump on whether or not he'd apologize for the January 6 Capitol protest.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta was met with a cascade of boos after shouting a question to Donald Trump on whether or not he’d apologize for the January 6 Capitol riot.

Acosta’s grandstanding ploy came during a visit to the southern border by the former President.

Trump, joined by a crowd of mostly Republican lawmakers, had just finished making remarks as he toured an unfinished part of the border wall.

That’s when Acosta sprang into action.

“Will you apologize about January 6?” he shouted.

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Crowd Boos Jim Acosta

While the boos came raining down on Jim Acosta for his question regarding the Capitol protest on January 6, one person in the crowd had the presence of mind to reply by describing the CNN reporter’s stunt and/or entire career in three brief words.

“Acosta’s an idiot,” the individual can be heard shouting in return.

One can hardly blame Acosta for getting himself in a lather. This was a rare appearance by Trump since leaving the White House and his network really needs a shot in the arm for ratings.

CNN has been involved in numerous embarrassing headlines of late, not the least of which have been cratering ratings and their network being absolutely destroyed publicly by the popular podcast host, Joe Rogan.

Acosta recently admitted that journalists are suffering from “post-Trump stress disorder.”

But CNN’s main resistance warrior is a professional, undaunted by ‘PTSD’ or being afflicted with ‘TDS’ the last four years.

Once the lights go on, he performs like a champ for his network bosses. And boy did he ever deliver, traveling all the way to Texas to shout an inane three-second question that had no chance of being acknowledged.

But hey, Acosta got to make it all about him rather than trying to be, you know … a reporter, and asking a question of substance that might lead to a newsworthy response.

And he’s got himself another diary entry to celebrate when he tucks himself in at night.

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Apologize For January 6

Acosta’s circus stunt comes as the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to create a select committee to probe the January 6 Capitol protest, with two equally clownish Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger backing the effort.

Kinzinger and Cheney must be proud sharing common cause with someone like Acosta.

If Trump needs to apologize and be investigated for telling supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” on January 6, then we’re still waiting on Acosta and CNN’s apologies for pushing fake news during his presidency that led to skepticism of everything by his voters.

Where is the apology for pushing Russian collusion conspiracies? Or fake news regarding the so-called ‘Bible photo-op’ story? A false narrative CNN still has on their website.

Perhaps an apology from CNN for actively burying stories on Hunter Biden that have since proven true? Efforts to bury the Wuhan lab leak theory, which has since garnered further attention?

Will Acosta apologize for his network pushing the Russia bounty story which has since fallen apart?

A description of Acosta’s book by his publisher, released in 2019 and titled “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America,” describes Jim as “fighting on the front lines in President Trump’s war on truth.”

The only thing Acosta is fighting, aside from the latest boos, IS the truth.



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