CNN’s Jim Acosta Says Reporters Are Suffering With ‘Post-Trump Stress Disorder’

CNN reporter Jim Acosta says journalists are all suffering from "post-Trump stress disorder" following the former President's departure from the White House.
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CNN reporter Jim Acosta says journalists are suffering from “post-Trump stress disorder” following the former President’s departure from the White House.

Brian Stelter, the media analyst for the network, asked Acosta how he felt covering President Biden in his term’s early stages.

“I think we’re all dealing with some post-Trump stress disorder, other than that ‘Happy Easter’ he was saying in those statements a few days ago,” Acosta said, referencing a message the former President sent out this past weekend.

“Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country!” Trump said.

Acosta, consistently triggered by Trump’s trolling efforts for years, said such statements would give them a taste of the past, but also provided a positive outlook for his network in the future.

“We did cover the news before Donald Trump came along, and we did it pretty well, and there’s going to be plenty of stuff in the news out there that doesn’t have to have Donald Trump in the headlines for us to continue to exist,” he reassured Stelter.

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Acosta and CNN’s Post-Trump Stress Disorder

Acosta is onto something when he speaks about CNN’s “post-Trump stress disorder.”

Ratings for the network have absolutely fallen off a cliff ever since Joe Biden took office.

Just weeks ago, reports surfaced indicating CNN had seen their ratings plummet following Donald Trump’s departure, including a nearly 50% drop among the 25-to-54 demographic.

Turns out, fawning coverage of the man the mainstream media helped get elected to office in the first place isn’t as interesting as actively trying to shut down and become the resistance against his political polar opposite.

Creating a Russia collusion story where one never really existed, much like soap opera writers might, agitates more people and leads to greater viewership it would seem.

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CNN is Suffering From Negligent Journalism, Nothing More

There are plenty of interesting stories to follow regarding Biden which, if covered with the same veracity as was Trump, would certainly be of value for the American people.

Cover the border crisis as you did under Trump, Jim. Do a segment highlighting just how successful the border wall is in preventing the type of border crisis being experienced under Biden currently.

Run stories suggesting the current President is running “concentration camps” at the border.

Cover the President and his son Hunter just as you would if Donald Trump Jr. were a drug addict currently under federal investigation.

It seems like there would be an angle of interest or two in the Biden White House if only Acosta and his colleagues could somehow overcome their post-Trump stress disorder.

In the same segment, Annie Karni, a White House correspondent for The New York Times, tried to suggest Biden’s White House is more difficult to cover than Trump’s because it “is more disciplined.”

Actively hiding from the press and controlling who can and can not ask questions is now considered ‘discipline’ … by the press.

If you’re wondering, this is what Karni considers newsworthy under the very ‘disciplined’ Biden administration …

Meanwhile, Acosta, rather than perusing the incredible amounts of waste in the Biden infrastructure plan announced last week, something that would be newsworthy, tried to push the agenda by whining that he can’t currently get WiFi coverage on high-speed train trips between D.C. and New York.

“As far as I’m concerned, can we just have a damn high-speed train in this country?” Acosta said.

“I mean, can I please get to New York from Washington without problems on the Acela?” he continued whining. “And can I get on the Wifi by the way when I ride the train and have that not be a problem?”

First-world problems, eh Jim?

“When [Trump] was president, he was doing things that were beneath the audience of the presidency,” Acosta told Stelter, unable to let go of the object of his affection.

“Now he’s doing things beneath the office of the post-presidency. He’s not going to change, but we need to change with the times.”

Acosta’s post-Trump stress disorder won’t allow that.


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