The Democrat and media narrative regarding Russian hackers aiding Trump in the presidential election is having more holes poked in it.

Former British Ambassador and current Wikileaks operative Craig Murray recently said he has met the person who leaked DNC and Clinton campaign emails, and they aren’t Russian.

Now he’s being much more specific, saying the source for the leaks – not hacks mind you – is actually a disgruntled DNC worker.

Via the Washington Times:

A WikiLeaks figure is claiming that he received leaked Clinton campaign emails from a “disgusted” Democratic whistleblower, while the White House continued to blame Russian hackers Wednesday for meddling in the presidential election and asserted that Donald Trump was “obviously aware” of Moscow’s efforts on his behalf.

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, said in the report by the Daily Mail that he flew to Washington for a clandestine handoff with one of the email sources in September.

He said he received a package in a wooded area near American University.
“Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,” Mr. Murray told the British newspaper. “The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.”

Earlier this week, a liberal college professor pushed a reckless narrative that there is “substantial evidence” the Russians “stole the election for Donald Trump.”

To the contrary, that claim has little to no evidence.

Earlier today, President Obama’s Attorney General stated her investigation found no “technical interference” in the election on behalf of the Russians.

Now an official who claims to be in-the-know within Wikileaks is saying that they specifically got the information from a disgruntled DNC worker. Which isn’t exactly far-fetched considering the disgust Bernie supporters had for the DNC when they allegedly rigged the nomination for Hillary. Who knows?

Comment: Do you think the DNC and Clinton campaign leaks came from an insider? Share your thoughts with us below. 

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