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Former President Bill Clinton Praised Rev. Billy Graham

The passing of Reverend Billy Graham this morning has been a sad but joyful affair. While Rev. Graham is no longer with us, we can take comfort in the fact that he is now home with God, where he belongs.

Not everyone is taking Graham’s death nicely, however. Liberals, who seem to chafe at anything remotely related to Christianity, religion, or spirituality, have actually started attacking Graham, declaring that the man of God is on his way to meet the Devil in Hell. This kind of reaction shows that, no matter what, liberals won’t hesitate to turn any event political, even if it only means getting in some cheap shots.

But here’s something that may get in liberals’ crawl: former President Bill Clinton was very complimentary of Billy Graham when the humble preacher was still alive. In fact, Clinton was associated with Graham before he became a popular political figure.

Faithwire reports:

Graham also reportedly made a big impression on President Bill Clinton decades before the Democratic leader entered the political fray. When Clinton was around 12 years old, he attended a Graham crusade in Little Rock, Ark., where the preacher’s decision not to segregate the audience made a major impact on the young boy.

“The crusade happened as Billy wanted it, with tens of thousands of people, black and white, pouring into the stadium where the Arkansas Razorbacks played,” Clinton said in “Billy Graham & Me.” “When Billy finished preaching and issued the call, inviting us to rededicate our lives to Christ, thousands, black and white together, some smiling, some crying, went down to the field to answer the call.”

How wonderful is that! Clinton would later join Graham at the same event as governor of Arkansas.

So, do liberals know that their favorite president not named Barack Obama was once full of admiration for the late Rev. Graham?

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