The announcement of world-famous pastor Bill Graham’s death wasn’t even 5 minutes old before liberals took to attacking the man of God.

Graham, often referred to as “America’s pastor,” was a gentle, non-offending man. His mission was to save souls by announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Of course, liberals, in their faithless journey to depths of the underworld, couldn’t let Graham’s passing go by without impugning the man’s great legacy.

Take a look at these atrocious tweets:

There is a general theme to all of these. Do you see it? Liberals keep joking that Graham, who spent his entire life preaching the glory of God’s kingdom, will spend eternity in Hell.

How cruel and disgusting. These make me sick:

These messages are so awful. But the best way to fight back against them is to pray that Rev. Graham is home with God.

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