Biden Press Sec. Falsely Claims Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion Was ‘Unconstitutional’ – Prompting Mockery

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre raised eyebrows by declaring the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade was an “unconstitutional action.”

“From day one, when the Supreme Court made this extreme decision to take away a constitutional right, it was an unconstitutional action by them,” she falsely claimed.

Overturning a prior opinion is not ‘unconstitutional’ by any means. There are dozens upon dozens of such cases in the history of the Supreme Court.

In comments made earlier in the briefing, Jean-Pierre alluded to the idea that the Supreme Court ‘stole’ rights from women.

“In the wake of Dobbs, the President predicted people would turn out in record numbers to reclaim rights stolen from them, and they did,” she said, boasting of this week’s elections in which Kansas voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would have ended abortion  in the state.

The Supreme Court ruling, however, did not eliminate abortion access, but rather declared the matter should be decided at the state level. As with the case in Kansas, it worked exactly as they intended.

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Reaction to Karine Jean-Pierre Saying Supreme Court Overruling Roe v. Wade was ‘Unconstitutional’

Fox News anchor Bret Baier, often lauded as a straight reporter for the network respected even by those on the left, was baffled by the comments.

In fact, he offered nothing more than an emoji in response to Karine Jean-Pierre calling the Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade an “unconstitutional action.”

The Heritage Foundation’s John Cooper called her assessment a “unique take.”

But others weren’t nearly as charitable to the White House press secretary.

Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong flat-out called Jean-Pierre a “moron” over the comment while podcast host Graham Allen offered it as evidence that paying tuition at a woke university isn’t worth the money.

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Biden Has Made the Same Suggestion

Karine Jean-Pierre’s comments differ little from those of her boss, President Biden. Last month, the President lambasted the Supreme Court decision.

“Let’s be clear about something from the very start. This was not a decision driven by the Constitution,” he fumed. “Let me say it again: This was not a decision driven by the Constitution.”

Biden then accused the Supreme Court justices of “playing fast and loose with the facts” and “an exercise in raw political power.”

Those comments, like Jean-Pierre’s, were playing fast and loose with the facts. Of course, that’s something the press secretary has done time and again.

In the same press briefing, she bragged about the price of gas going down and “saving American families with two cars on average over $90 a month on gas.”

In reality, gas prices are above $4/gallon on average nationwide. And, using Jean-Pierre’s logic, families with two cars are spending over $180 more per month than when Biden took office.

Karine Jean-Pierre was also the subject of mockery earlier this week when it was reported that the Biden administration is building sections of the border wall, something she had previously called “racist.”

Grumblings coming out of the White House have indicated Jean-Pierre is often “underprepared” for her press briefings and has made colleagues “wince” at times with her responses.

Calling the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade “unconstitutional” surely had to be one of those times.

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