Biden DOJ Demands Supreme Court Allow Border Patrol to Cut Razor Wire Put In Place By Texas

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Since the federal government isn’t doing anything to help the tragic situation on the border, the state of Texas has undertaken several measures to prevent illegal immigration in key places.

New powers for police and various anti-personnel devices like razor wire have been introduced to try to stop the unprecedented invasion.

Now President Biden’s Department of Justice is trying to take the razor wire down.

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Biden DOJ Again Opens Border

While Democrats and the media have argued that the border is “not open” and “operationally secure,” the facts on the tell a different story.

December 2023 was the worst month for illegal border crossings in American history. Illegal aliens are getting court dates set for nearly a decade from now. And the federal government is openly fighting Texas to keep the border open.

Fox News reports:

The DOJ filed an application with the Supreme Court after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the administration last month from “damaging, destroying, or otherwise interfering with Texas’s [concertina wire] fence in the vicinity of Eagle Pass, Texas” unless it is for a medical emergency.

Texas had sued the administration in October over the destruction of parts of more than 29 miles of wire it had set up to stop illegal crossings. The state accused the government of illegally destroying property owned by the state, but also harming efforts to secure the border.

“By cutting Texas’s concertina wire, the federal government has not only illegally destroyed property owned by the State of Texas; it has also disrupted the State’s border security efforts, leaving gaps in Texas’s border barriers and damaging Texas’s ability to effectively deter illegal entry into its territory,” Texas said.

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What Else Was Texas Supposed to Do?

The story continued, “A DHS spokesperson told Fox in October that it does not comment on pending litigation, but ‘generally speaking, Border Patrol agents have a responsibility under federal law to take those who have crossed onto U.S. soil without authorization into custody for processing, as well as to act when there are conditions that put our workforce or migrants at risk.”

Readers may notice something missing in the DHS response – any mention of the American people.

The people who pay the taxes and whose home is being invaded by millions of unvetted foreigners from nearly every continent on the planet.

“A federal district court judge had denied the preliminary injunction request from the state, but the Fifth Circuit granted it. On Tuesday, the DOJ asking the Supreme Court for temporary relief so that it can remove razor fence at the federal government’s discretion,” Fox News added.

This order comes right after December set the record for the most migrant encounters along the border.

The federal government won’t help with the border and now the Biden White House wants to prevent Texas from helping themselves.

How much more can they take?

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