Biden Building Big, Beautiful, $500,000 Security Wall Around His Home With Your Money

Taxpayers are on the hook for a nearly $500,000 security fence being built around President Joe Biden's Rehoboth Beach home.
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Taxpayers are reportedly on the hook for a nearly $500,000 security fence being built around President Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home in Delaware.

The project, approved in September of 2021, originally rang up at a little over $456,000, but the price tag has been on the rise thanks to a $6,844 addition for “gravel pads and crane services” and a blanket amount of $26,933 for “additional work.”

This, according to the website, which tracks federal government spending in an online database.

The awarding agency is listed as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and is described as “protective operations” for the “purchase and installation of security fencing” at Biden’s $2.7 million summer house in Delaware.

Completion of the project is expected to be done in June of 2023.

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Biden’s Building a Security Fence Because Walls Work

President Biden seems to be coming to grips with the fact that security fences and/or walls are effective and work for their intended purpose.

This latest half-a-million dollar project protecting his beach home is another sign.

As the Political Insider reported late last month, the administration authorized closing four major gaps in the construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall near Yuma, Arizona.

The President originally vowed to halt construction immediately upon taking office.

“There will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration, number 1,” he said in an interview with NPR.

And indeed, Biden issued an executive order on his first day in office terminating construction on a project he now has to resume due to escalating “life and safety risks.”

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Biden Once Voted For a Wall

American taxpayer funds being used to pay for Biden’s security fence even as he leaves the country’s own perimeter vulnerable is hypocrisy at another level.

Though, perhaps we should be grateful the price tag isn’t higher.

In 2020, The Political Insider reported that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was upgrading security at her residence, installing a perimeter wall or fence and other security measures at a cost of $1.1 million to Michigan taxpayers.

Biden, as a Senator in 2006, seemed to understand the value of security fences and walls at the border, “voting for a fence … unlike most Democrats.”

“The reason … why I believe the fence is needed, does not have anything to do with immigration as much as drugs,” he said at the time. 

“And let me tell you something, folks, people are driving across that border with tons, tons, hear me, tons of everything from byproducts for methamphetamine to cocaine to heroin and it’s all coming up through corrupt Mexico,” Biden added.

Video surfaced this week showing Border Patrol agents opening a gate at the southern border and allowing dozens of illegal immigrants into the country after Texas National Guard officers had locked it shut.

No word on if Biden’s beach home security fence will have gates that can simply be unlocked by border agents and allow people onto the property.

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