Donald J. Trump has been president for just under one week, and the left is in panic mode over his victory, trying to minimize his presidency at every turn.

Betty White is an icon. She has been on TV for over 50 years making us laugh and feel great. Katie Couric in my opinion is a failed TV personality who tries to push people in her direction of thought which is liberal at its worst.

Couric interviewed Betty White on the state of America with the inauguration of Donald Trump. Couric tried to lead the interview with negativity and doom and gloom. White wasn’t having any of it and I don’t blame her.

Betty White Trump
Betty White Trump

From YesImRight:

Betty White is a Hollywood and TV icon, with countless roles under her belt throughout her illustrious career. She also celebrated her 95th birthday, and still proves that she’s sharper and smarter than most of the ones doing her interviews.

Katie Couric, long time liberal and unashamed Trump detractor, asked White what she thought of the riots and protests surrounding the Trump presidency. What Betty White said next was completely unexpected, and you can see it on Couric’s face.

It’s an answer that only someone with common sense and decency can have.

Watch White educate Couric on how to deal with negativity!

If America had a lot more of White’s positivity and less of Couric’s negativity, we would be in a better place. White was right when she alluded to starting off a conversation with a negative. Everything tends to go down and if you notice, she was sending a message to Couric.

Thank you Betty White for showing how we can come together as Americans and set aside our differences rather than falling into a trap of negativity.

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